2015-10-15_10-18-54It’s fairly obvious to informed voters that Democrats are some of the worst low-information voters around. Not only that, they seem to blindly believe whatever their candidates tell them without questioning them.



The Democrat voters cheer and slap each other on the back, never stopping to wonder, “How in the world are we going to PAY for all this ‘free’ stuff??”

Anyway, for more proof that Democrats are low-information voters without the ability to think critically, look no further than the latest viewership numbers for the recent Democrat debate.

Heading into Tuesday night, there was unanimous agreement that the total audience would be lower than the 25 million who tuned in for Fox’s Republican debate on August 6. That debate — fueled by Donald Trump — shattered all previous primary debate records.

The Republican rematch on CNN September 16 averaged more than 23 million viewers, essentially confirming that the GOP debates are the highest-rated new “show” of the fall TV season.

CNN executives expected the ratings would be far lower on Tuesday night. They cautioned ahead of time that Republican and Democratic debates were “apples and oranges.”

So the 15.3 million total far exceeded expectations, even though it was much lower than the GOP face-offs.

For comparison’s sake, the previous Democratic debate record was set in 2008, when Clinton and Barack Obama squared off in prime time on ABC. That debate had 10.7 million viewers, and it came at the end of a hard-fought campaign season.

Let’s put this into perspective.

Even though the Democrat debate set a viewership record and “shattered” expectations, the Republican debate still pulled in 57% MORE viewers. In fact, more people watched the 4th episode of NCIS than the Democrat debate!

The Dems’ ratings also couldn’t top the 15.7 million viewers who tuned in to watch the fourth episode of the season for CBS drama NCIS, starring actor Mark Harmon.

Based on the numbers, it appears Republicans are far more interested in being informed before they vote. Democrats, not so much.

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