You’ve likely heard the statistics which have been circulating in the news.

Right now America is more divided racially than at any point since the violent LA riots.

Part of that can be explained by the fact that black families have been run over by socialist programs created by both black and white liberals, and the other piece of the puzzle has to do with the obvious race baiting that’s taking place in the public square.

Remember, no one in the liberal black community has renounced what’s been taking place.

Worse yet is they give voice to violent groups like BlackLivesMatter and let violent behavior slide un-rebuked.

This has created a watershed moment in our culture, one where almost everything is somehow “racist.”

Need another example this is true?

In Davenport, Iowa a black teen punched a white bus driver in the face after he accused her of being racist.

What happened?

She gave a white kid a free ride when she saw his pass was 1 day expired.

IJ Review writes:

Shocking footage captured on a Citibus in Davenport, Iowa last Tuesday shows a teenage boy punching a female bus driver in the face.

According to reports, the fifteen-year-old black student reportedly got on the bus, paid his fair and took his seat. Soon afterwards, a white teen tried to get on the bus, but was turned away because he did not have an ID with the proper bus sticker.

The bus driver started to leave but then appeared to change her mind, pulling over alongside the boy and letting him board, with a friendly reminder that:

“You better have a sticker tomorrow or you’ll have to pay.”

The black teen saw this, and went up to the driver and started accusing her of racism.

After being hit, the driver was taken to the hospital and treated for her injuries. After a few days of rest, she has returned to work.

The incident was caught on camera and you can view it below.

What you see here are multiple failures demonstrated.

We see the failure of the black family. Strong families with a father who has some sense about him would have children who don’t resort to physical violence against women when things upset them.

And this also is an example of the failings of American society to address the severe problem of racism.

This scenario should be picked up on by prominent BlackLivesMatter members and be made an example. Not for a black kid doing the right thing, but of one doing the wrong thing.

Sadly no one is going to touch this incident and it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Tell us what you think of this thugs behavior in the comments below.