David Clarke has been in the news lately, mostly because he’s a sharp minded law-enforcement officer who won’t let the liberal left talk down the importance of valuable police.

After the ruling on Darren Wilson broke, Holder of course had to make the issue personal and decided he needed to talk about how he has been, and continues to be, a victim of racial profiling.

But David Clarke wasn’t going to let Holder disparage police and the thousands of law officers across the country.

As he says in the video he was “disgusted” with the “scurrilous” claims that Holder made that cops just hit the streets to go and shoot young black men.

Moreover, Clarke wants Americans to know it’s not the police who are out there killing blacks.

In fact, he believes the culprit for the plight of blacks has everything to do with a government that’s failed to live up to its promises.

He cites a weak job market, failing schools and a welfare state that gets “individuals in American ghettos hooked on the high of handouts,” as being the reasons that blacks in America have it so rough.

Clarke told Kelly had he been able to meet with the president at anytime he would say:

I would have said, ‘Mr. President, you spent a trillion dollars on a stimulus package promising a robust economy that would produce jobs. Mr. President, where are the jobs?’ If people find meaningful work, it occupies their time, and you don’t have all these individuals just idling around, building up frustration and anger because their life isn’t going the way they thought it should. I would have said, ‘Mr. President,…why do we have to send our kids to failing school systems…that’s going to shackle them to a life of crime and violence, and they’ll never reach their God-given potential?’

You can see the entire interview in the video at the top of the article.

Clarke admits that Eric Holder has lost the ability to stay impartial, and is instead, out on a proverbial witch-hunt to make whites feel ashamed for things they never did.

Both Holder and Obama specialize in this way of manipulation.

Its why they’ve done such a good job of convincing low information voters to support them for the past 6 years.

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