CNN just found a new low.

The liberal cable news channel traffics in anti-Trump conspiracy theories and fake news.

But now this shocking video just ended a CNN host’s career for all time.

The fake news media seized on the video of a teenager from the March for Life showing a teenage boy from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky standing silently as a Native American activist banged a drum inches from his face.

The boy – as well as several of his classmates – were wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ hats.

That, as well as the fact that the group consisted of mostly white, upper-class boys, provided an inviting target for the media to seize on.

One horrible example was CNN’s S.E. Cupp.

Cupp is CNN’s dream “Republican.”

She supports homosexual marriage, amnesty for illegal aliens, and spits rage on a daily basis at Donald Trump.

Cupp praised 85-year-old activist Nathan Phillips and ranted on her show that the students “taunted” the Vietnam veteran.

The CNN host used the snippet of video to paint a picture that Donald Trump’s America permits white males to express their inner racist and denigrate minorities out in the open.

Cupp was not the only member of the media to pile on the children.

Buzzfeed’s Anne Helene Petersen tweeted a side-by-side picture of the student and a smiling Brett Kavanaugh and spewed incomprehensible nonsense about the patriarchy and white privilege.

Petersen wrote, “One theme of the conversations over the past 24 hours = how deeply familiar this look is. It’s the look of white patriarchy, of course, but that familiarity — that banality — is part of what prompts the visceral reaction. This isn’t spectacular. It’s life in America.”

New York Magazine contributing editor Will Leitch called for violence against the children.

Leitch tweeted that they should all be “punched” in the face.

“Every single one of these kids was once, pretty recently, a baby who didn’t know anything about anything in the world they were entering. This is the world given to them. (Also, I want to punch all of them. They really need to be punched),” he wrote.

There was just one big problem with this media dog pile.

It was all based on a lie.

Another video of the full encounter soon surfaced that told a completely different story.

A group of black nationalists originally confronted the boys.

The black nationalists hurled racist and homophobic slurs at them.

Students from Covington Catholic broke out into school chants to drown them out.

That’s when Phillips barged into their group and confronted one of the students.

He proceeded to bang his drum in the child’s face.

The student said he stood silently and motionless because he saw activists were filming the encounter and he was fearful of escalating the situation by reacting to Phillips’ harassment.

To Cupp’s credit, she tweeted out an apology the next day.

But that does not excuse the fact that this was the second time in just a few days where the media spread fake news to push an anti-Trump narrative.

So-called “journalists” botching the Covington Catholic story came on the heels of special counsel Robert Mueller stating that a Buzzfeed story claiming Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie in front of Congress was false.

It was nice that Cupp apologized for trying to ruin a child’s life, but it does not change the fact that anti-Trump activists in the media seize on any story – even when they don’t have all the facts – to trash Donald Trump and his supporters.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.