Robert Mueller is in big trouble.

A video from his past has just resurfaced.

And now everyone is asking this one important question.

Mueller’s honesty and integrity as an investigator are being called into question.

Despite his reputation as a squeaky clean lawman, the reality is far grimmer.

In 2003, Mueller testified to Congress supporting the false notion that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.

His testimony helped launch the Iraq War.

Trump won the election in part because of his vocal opposition to the war.

Mueller’s image as a hyper-competent FBI Director has also been undercut.

In 2001, the FBI – under his watch – bungled the investigation into the post 9/11 anthrax attacks.

Daniel Ashman wrote in The Federalist:

“Mueller’s FBI honed in on Steven Hatfill as the culprit — a “flag-waving” American, who had served in the Army, then dedicated himself to protecting America from bioterrorist threats by working in the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases.

There was no direct link from Hatfill to the attacks, by the FBI’s own admission, and the bureau never charged Hatfill. The FBI did however spy on, follow, and harass him non-stop for years. The Department of Justice also publicly outed Hatfill as the possible terrorist.

While Hatfill’s dignity and life was being trampled on by America’s secret police, Mueller took a stand. But on a different topic.  He made front page news for threatening President Bush he would resign over NSA policy. All while his own team was trampling on the rights of an American in the FBI’s largest-ever investigation.

Hatfill successfully sued the government for its unlawful actions. He won almost $6 million dollars.

After the Hatfill investigation blew up in the FBI’s face, they moved on to Bruce Ivins, another Army researcher who had actually volunteered to help the FBI investigate this case, and had been doing so for years. It wasn’t until five years after the attack that Mueller’s men decided Ivins was a target.

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The FBI case against Ivins, once again, was based on circumstantial evidence…

… Ivins was never indicted, just given the Hatfill treatment. His house was raided, and he was threatened with a death sentence, or as his lawyer put it, put under “relentless pressure of accusation and innuendo.” He committed suicide.”

Mueller’s tenure at the FBI was a mess.

Donald Trump has every right to question his honesty, competency, and objectivity.

Do you agree?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.