When will Bob Mueller’s witch hunt against the President end?

The truth will disturb you.

One piece of paper revealed just how long the investigation into the President will drag on.

The Trump administration just released their fiscal year 2019 budget document.

Buried deep in the budget request was one line item: 10 million dollars for the Mueller probe for fiscal year 2019.

Because of the way the government keeps its books, that means starting on October 1, 2018, the Trump administration is expected to fork out ten million dollars to keep Mueller’s crusade going.

Politico reports:

“President Donald Trump’s new budget projects that special counsel Robert Mueller’s office will still be in business in fiscal year 2019 — even though White House officials have repeatedly said they expect the probe to wrap up soon.

The budget projects that Mueller’s team will keep spending at its current rate of about $10 million per year in the next fiscal year, which starts in October.

Mueller’s prosecutors have a criminal case pending against Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and deputy Rick Gates. No trial date has been set, but the judge suggested last month that a trial could start in August or September. If it does, the trial and any appeal would almost certainly extend into the next fiscal year.

The White House has said it expects Mueller to finish soon; spokesman Raj Shah told Fox News last month that officials “believe it will end soon.” But White House attorney Ty Cobb said Monday that Trump’s team is not looking for Mueller’s office to shut down its operations entirely, merely to resolve the parts of its investigation that focus on Trump.

“We’re not looking for these guys to close up shop, but we are interested in trying to get the president’s piece of this resolved quickly,” Cobb told POLITICO.

A spending report released by Mueller’s office in December reported direct spending of $3.2 million from the time of his appointment in May until the end of fiscal year 2017 last September. Personnel assigned to Mueller’s team also cost the Justice Department about $3.5 million during that period, but officials said those expenses would have been incurred whether or not the probe was handed to a special counsel.”

Some of Trump’s lawyers believe the investigation into the President is nearing an end.

There are reports that Mueller will request in an interview with the President.

That indicates it is the final step in that aspect of his probe.

Trump would be wise to turn down Mueller because the point of the interview is to catch Trump misremembering something and make the cast that he lied to investigators and should be impeached.

The budget request expecting the Mueller probe to go into 2019 could be for trial expenses for former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his deputy Rick Gates.

There will be pressure on Mueller to wrap his probe up by the spring.

If it drags on any longer, it will interfere in the midterm elections and possibly Trump’s re-election.

Some critics believe this is Mueller’s plan.

He will drop a damaging report or indictment in the weeks before the midterm elections to help the Democrats win control of Congress so they can begin work on impeaching the President.

Do you think that is how it will all play out?

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