Donald Trump 2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci gave a serious warning to America.

We’re living with a ticking time bomb that could explode at any moment.

Trump’s top coronavirus expert said six words that you’ll want to hear.

In the last few days, the number of coronavirus cases in America has exploded.

This is resulting in drastic measures being taken to curb the spread of the virus.

America is taking warning from watching Italy and canceling school, events, and encouraging people to work remotely.

Other countries aren’t being that smart. Britain is moving too slowly to have any coherent response even though the UK medical system is already running dangerously near capacity and doesn’t have enough ICU beds even to meet its regular needs.

No one wants to end up where Italy is.

The rallying cry on social media has been “flatten the curve.” And for once, social media is correct.

The data suggests that the best outcome for America will result through social distancing to slow the rate at which the coronavirus moves through the population.

The good news is that while the radical left likes to suggest that all the government and businesses care about is profit, that’s not what we’re seeing.

Businesses are closing, and the government is making sacrifices to try and get through this crisis the best that we can because America is a place where we do care about the elderly, the immunocompromised and the vulnerable.

We are hoping for the best but preparing for the worst.

Dr. Anthony Fauci summed it up in six words: “You don’t want to be complacent.”

According to the Daily Wire:

He asserted bluntly, “I think Americans should be prepared that they are going to have to hunker down significantly more than we as a country are doing.”

He said, “We feel that with rather stringent mitigation and containment, without necessarily complete lockdown, we would be able to prevent ourselves from getting to where, unfortunately, Italy is now … With regard to domestic travel bans, we always talk about it, consider everything. But I can tell you that has not been seriously considered, doing travel bans in the country. … I don’t see that right now or in the immediate future.”

Fauci added that Americans should consider “much more” restrictions, adding, “Everybody has got to get involved in distancing themselves socially … Everything is on the table. Right now, myself personally, I wouldn’t go to a restaurant. I just wouldn’t because I don’t want to be in a crowded place…. I don’t want to be in a situation where I’m going to be all of a sudden self-isolating for 14 days.”

Cutting back on social situations will mean a real change of life for many Americans, and for many people it will be a real hardship.

The real danger with this coronavirus is that it will grow exponentially if restrictions aren’t put in place.

The countries that start being careful before things get bad will do much better.