Swamp creatures are lurking around Washington hunting for opportunities to stall Donald Trump’s agenda.

One Congressman stands out from the pack as a chief opponent of Trump and his policies.

Now, he just did the unthinkable.

Pennsylvania’s Charlie Dent is a RINO Congressman who bills himself as from the “governing wing” of the GOP.

“Governing” to swamp dwellers like Dent means enacting the Democrats’ agenda, even when the Republicans supposedly control Congress.

But he’s faced intense pressure since leading the fight to kill any effort to repeal Obamacare and stop Trump’s border wall.

So rather than face a primary challenge, he called it quits.

Breitbart reports:

“I’ve worked to instill stability, certainty, and predictability in Washington,” Dent said in a statement. “I’ve fought to fulfill the basic functions of government, like keeping the lights on and preventing default. Regrettably, that has not been easy given the disruptive outside influences that profit from increased polarization and ideological rigidity that leads to dysfunction, disorder and chaos.”

“But I have also had a stake in major legislative accomplishments: budget agreements that prioritize our federal commitments, pro-growth trade, and tax policy, initiatives to advance medical innovation and research, major infrastructure investments, and policies that secure our homeland.”

The decision comes after State Rep. Justin Simmons, who spoke at this week’s “No Surrender” rally, confirmed he would challenge Dent in a primary, branding him “the most liberal Republican in Congress.”

“I guess the polling must have been really bad. Can’t say we were expecting this,” Simmons said on hearing the news. “I think right now we could say, ‘Mission Accomplished.’ We wanted to make sure we got a more conservative candidate in the seat, and now we can do that.”

Dent’s retirement came after over 100 Trump supporters and conservative leaders held a rally in his district and declared they would support a primary challenger unless the Congressman got on board the Trump train.

Breitbart also reports:

Despite police from a neighboring jurisdiction blocking entrances to Jordan Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Friday, an estimated 300 people showed up for the “No Surrender” rally to protest Rep. Charlie Dent’s (R-PA) ongoing obstruction of President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Pennsylvanians helped elect the president and now they want to see his agenda succeed in Washington, Ed Martin, of Phyllis Schlafly Eagles, one of the sponsors of the rally, told Breitbart News.

“[Dent] has made it clear that he’s not going to support Trump’s agenda,” Martin said.

Martin said he was told by the Allentown Police that police in Whitehall, Pennsylvania limited access to the park, but at least 300 people made it to the rally to hear from a range of speakers, including Daphne Goggins, a Republican ward leader from North Philadelphia and a strong supporter of Trump and  the “No Surrender” campaign.

Dent’s retirement gives the grassroots an opportunity to replace him with a conservative who will stop the practice of RINO Republicans teaming up with Democrats to give Nancy Pelosi functional control of Congress.