Donald Trump’s signature campaign promise was to build a wall along the southern border.

But ever since his election, the swamp has done its best to block him from fulfilling his promise.

Pundits predicted Trump would punt on demanding money for the wall, so Trump supporters were left speechless when the President made this major admission.

At a raucous rally in Phoenix, Trump made his plans known for the wall once and for all.

It is getting built.

And Trump said he is going to demand the funding as part of a government funding bill in September – even if it means a government shutdown.

The Hill reports:

“President Trump on Tuesday threatened to shut down the government, if necessary, to make sure his proposed wall at the Mexican border is approved and funded by lawmakers. 

“Build that wall. Now the obstructionist Democrats would like us not to do it, but believe me if we have to close down our government, we’re building that wall,” Trump said Tuesday during a rally in Phoenix. 

Funding for Trump’s proposed border wall, a promise that was at the center of his 2016 presidential bid, is poised to be the center of debate this fall as Congress negotiates a new government funding bill. 

If a new bill is not passed, the government will shut down on Oct. 1. “

Trump supporters were thrilled by the President’s announcement.

Establishment Republicans believed they could jam Trump with a funding bill that didn’t include any money for the wall because he would be desperate to avoid a government shutdown.

But Trump sent a clear message that he welcomes this fight.

And the GOP Congress would be wise to bend to Trump’s wishes.

The wall is wildly popular with Trump’s base.

Senators Mitch McConnell and Jeff Flake recently crossed the President and new polling found they both have only 18 percent approval ratings.

The GOP needs these voters to turn out in next year’s midterms, so unless they start passing Trump’s agenda items, they could depress GOP voter enthusiasm and hand Congress to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

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