President Obama is set to leave office in less than a week and his staffers look shell-shocked. They’re cleaning up their desks, packing photos away, and realizing they’re no longer relevant, and actually unemployed. Some of them have been with Obama since the beginning, fresh out of college and served with him for eight years. They worked 18 hour days 6-7 days a week to ensure Obama didn’t get impeached for some of his acts.

A quick trip down memory lane will remind us how far we’ve come under Obama.

  • Operation Fast and Furious- A gun-smuggling ring which allowed the CIA to get guns into the hands of Mexicans. Some of those arms were used in terror attacks against the United States.
  • Obama’s apology tour- Obama went on a grand apology tour, assuring other nations that America was no threat to them.
  • Obamacare- A real treat…. This was a forced mandate that “allowed” every American to have health care. Meanwhile, since it’s implementation, only 6 million people out of the countries 330 million have signed up. Even worse, many of the large insurance companies opted out because of how bad Obamacare is.

And even in Obama’s last days, he made some moves that remind us why his departure is overdue.

Wikileaks exposed that Obama was communicating with Hillary Clinton on her private, unsecured server. Talk about a security breach!
He snubbed Israel by refusing to stand with her at the UN Security Council.
He stirred the waters with Russia and now the angry bear is looking to settle the score.

So when the news that Trump is viewed unfavorably by 60% of a group of surveyed Americans, it begs the question, Who are these Americans comparing him against?

It certainly can’t be Obama, who has his hand in more scandals in eight years then any President in recent memory, including Bill Clinton (whose scandals were that of legend).
And another thing that’s strange about these numbers is this:

Trump’s score, however, is higher than it was during the campaign.
Gallup said Trump’s favorability rate never rose above 38 percent on the campaign trail. And while 82 percent of Republicans hold a favorable opinion of the real estate tycoon, that’s also down from past presidents.

If Gallup found that Trump’s favorability is now 40% and it rose from 38%, this means he has found more favor with people and not less. He’s an outsider to the Establishment, so of  cours Republican and Democrat insiders don’t like him right now.