Donald TrumpThere is nobody Barack Obama hates more than President Donald Trump.

Trump is unraveling his entire agenda piece by piece.

And Trump just obliterated Obama by pointing out one fact he fears above all.

While at the United Nations, President Donald Trump has been making waves.

But the media is completely ignoring what he says for fake news claims made against him relating to a call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

They claim that Trump threatened him, demanding he look into a scandal relating to Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

So the media made their questions relating to that.

And one reporter, in particular, took things even further, with a hostile question about whether he would care if former President Obama had asked a foreign leader for information on him.

“Can you explain to the American people why it is appropriate for an American President to ask a foreign leader for information about a political rival and what you would’ve said if you had discovered that Barack Obama perhaps had asked a foreign leader for information about you?” the reporter asks.

Despite appearing slightly taken aback, Trump quickly fired back, stating, “Well, that’s what he did. When you think about it,” he responded.

And Trump is correct.

Obama’s Justice Department was working closely with foreign sources to build the infamous Russia collusion investigation.

After all, Fusion GPS, which did most of the research groundwork to build the Russia collusion investigation, was using foreign sources.

In fact, the person who created the infamous dossier was himself a foreign agent who formerly served as a British Spy.

And Fusion GPS was operating with money from the Democratic National Convention and Hillary Clinton, while having an employee who is married to a high-level official in the Justice Department.

And that employee, Bruce Ohr, just happens to be the very same person who first reviewed materials from Fusion GPS.

So Obama was working with foreign sources, whether or not he was directly the one communicating with them or not.

But the bigger picture here is that Trump didn’t do what Democrats are claiming he did.

And Trump points that out, insisting that he only brought up Joe Biden in the context of a broader campaign to fight back against corruption.

“The president, the new president of Ukraine is looking to stop corruption,” Trump continued on in response to the question, eventually adding in about Biden, saying, “There was no quid pro quo. But there was with Biden and there was with the senators. They threatened. They said you do this, you do that. We are not going to give you votes. That’s the real deal.”

The reporter’s question clearly backfired, like much of what the fake news media is doing nowadays.

This entire Trump “scandal” is backfiring.

The media is now facing tough questions about Joe Biden’s corruption, and now they will need to dig into Trump’s answer.

Trump is playing the media like a fiddle to look into actual scandals, instead of continuing to search for dirt on him with fake news “sources.”

Do you think Obama should be investigated?

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