Donald Trump took his fight with the dishonest media to a new level.

He’s fighting back against a hostile press corps that is out to destroy his Presidency.

And the media freak out over his latest move has made Trump supporters jump for joy.

CNN has been leading the charge of media opposition to Trump.

The once-respected news network is nothing more than a 24/7 infomercial for Trump haters.

But Trump isn’t taking their biased coverage sitting down.

He previously tagged the network with the nickname “very fake news CNN.”

Trump tweeted that he was considering changing it to Fraud News CNN.

This tweet came on the heels of CNN being forced to retract a story about Trump transition advisor Anthony Scaramucci being invested by Congress about his involvement with Russia.

The three journalists resigned and CNN suffered a massive credibility crisis.

But what sent the media over the edge was Trump’s follow up tweet.

He sent out a fan made video of when Trump performed at Wrestlmania.

Trump reveled in the joke.

But members of the press either pretended not to or showed they are humorless.

CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter was among the most vocal in pushing the idea that Trump was promoting violence against journalists.

He wrote in his Reliable Sources newsletter:

“Wrestling is fake and sometimes just plain funny. But threats against journalists are terribly real. That’s the context for the strong reactions to President Trump’s Sunday morning Twitter blast against CNN. Look, Trump has been trying to delegitimize the news media for a while, but we’ve never seen a tweet like this one before. An old WWE skit remixed into a fantastical fight against CNN?! As the NYT’s Jim Rutenberg wrote in this Monday column: “Every time you think he’s reached the limit…”

When I saw the video, my mind immediately went to the impact this is going to have on security. I mentioned this on “Reliable Sources” a couple of times. Newsroom leaders generally make a point of NOT talking about security, lest it invite even more threats and problems. But I’m not giving away any secrets by saying that CNN has been on a heightened state of alert lately. I noticed that several colleagues tweeted about their own safety concerns after Trump posted the video…

A colleague at another network messaged me and asked: “What are companies doing to protect their employees in this environment the president is fomenting?”

Stelter and CNN also tried to get Trump kicked off twitter by asking the company if his post violated their terms of use for hateful conduct.

Conservatives brushed this off as hysteria or an intentional refusal to treat the tweet in the manner it was intended.

They also pointed out how the media largely ignored the fact that just weeks ago a Bernie Sanders fan attempted to assassinate Republican members of Congress after immersing himself in the media’s coverage of the Russia hoax story.

Did Trump cross the line?

Did the media overreact?

Let us know what you think in the comment section.


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