The NY Times is salivating that they have Trump, but even they had to put this one fact in their stories.

There is no evidence of collusion.

This is the biggest “nothing to see here” story ever.

What is amazing is that the New York Times admitted in paragraph four of their own story “there is no evidence” of Trump colluding with the Russians.

There is no evidence to suggest that the promised damaging information was related to Russian government computer hacking that led to the release of thousands of Democratic National Committee emails,”The New York Times noted in the fourth paragraph of the initial scoop.

As Trump, Jr. said, all this story is about is the biggest waste of 20 minutes in the campaign.

Does the liberal media think that a total lack of evidence is, even more, reason to impeach Trump? Has the liberal media completely lost their minds?

Even the Washington Post threw cold water on the story:

“What has really happened since Donald Trump, Jr. released his email chain setting up a meeting last June with a Russian lawyer? Are Democrats and their allies in the media any closer to having their high crime or misdemeanor?

Answer: No.

As Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated yesterday, “it is unlikely that attendance at the meeting violated any criminal statute.”

Well said, Mr. Dershowitz.

And yet, the media would have you believe that the meeting Trump Jr. described as “literally just a wasted 20 minutes” is a smoking gun that will inevitably take President Trump, his administration and his entire family down forever.

In reality, Trump, Jr.’s emails show he has nothing to hide.

And this is where the media knows they have it wrong, but they seemingly just don’t care.  The only way their narrative works is if you assume any one who says anything positive about Trump is lying.

Further to this point, Trump, Jr. went on “Hannity” last night to speak specifically about his actions. Granted, Sean Hannity is not always interested in giving a complete, unvarnished account of what happens in Trump World and his questions are softballs, but Trump, Jr. made some important points nonetheless — namely, the fact that there was no subsequent follow-up or contact with the Russian lawyer and “nothing to tell” then-candidate Trump.

Therefore, unless you decide to believe he is lying, there was no “collusion.” The holy grail is still missing.

I don’t think Trump, Jr. went on national television last night and told a bunch of lies.

Undoubtedly, the president’s enemies will believe that they are justified in feeling otherwise. But Trump Jr. has little incentive to do anything but tell the truth at this point.”

Even if we suppose there was follow-up from the campaign with the Russian lawyer, it is hard to say that more conversations or meetings would have amounted to a crime. And yes, something can be wrong but not illegal.

However, that is not the argument Democrats and their allies in the media want to make.

They want this to crack the foundation of the Trump presidency. They want it to crumble.

Blinded by disdain for the president, liberals and the media pack are mostly trying to create credibility for accusations of criminal violations and impeachable offenses.

They embellish everything just so that they can keep the story moving.”

No wonder more and more Americans are no longer watching the news.  They are turning against the shrill voices of the liberal newspapers who only have one aim – to bring down President Trump, facts and reality be damned.