President Trump is working overtime to ensure he wins re-election in 2020.

This is his chance to prove that his ‘America First’ policies are popular.

But now he is horrified after one shocking poll dropped.

Democrats are lining up for their chance to take on President Trump.

New candidates are dropping into the race every day.

And the media is fawning over them in hopes Trump can finally be removed from office.

Trump has been optimistic considering his climbing approval rating and the booming economy.

But all of that came into doubt with the latest poll.

A poll from Quinnipiac shows that his top contender, Joe Biden, has a 13-point lead against President Trump in a hypothetical general election.

It shows that Biden has 53 percent of the vote to Trump’s 40 percent.

Of course, when it comes to polling, Trump generally outperforms whatever the mainstream media puts out.

But a 13-point lead for Biden is still something to alarm the President.

If Biden is able to beat Trump in 2020, it will result in everything Trump achieved being put on the chopping block.

With the Democrat Party now radically more far-left than ever, Trump’s entire agenda is at risk.

Democrats will work overtime to reverse his America First economic policies, along with his policies on guns, abortion, and illegal immigration.

With a Democrat President and Democrat control of the House and Senate, it is a virtual certainty that the borders will become more open than ever before.

And with those new immigrants becoming Democrat voters, it will make it much more difficult for anybody like Trump to ever win the presidency.

But this new poll may not mean much with the election so far away.

Trump has not even begun kicking his 2020 campaign into action.

As he proved in 2016, he is an expert at destroying his political enemies in debates.

With Biden having a laundry list of scandals going back decades, he will be easy prey for the President.

Already, since starting his campaign there have been new scandals popping up.

Former female supporters of Biden came out accusing him of making them feel uncomfortable.

And his son’s business ties to the Ukraine have come into question.

Not to mention the countless scandals during the eight year reign of Barack Obama.

With Biden serving as his Vice President, he will have to answer for every wrongdoing during that time.

That includes the infamous Benghazi scandal, spy gate, and the Fast and Furious gun running operation that resulted in deaths of border patrol agents.

Biden is uniquely vulnerable above every other Democrat running.

Trump will be able to expose him for his corruption much in the same way he did with Hillary Clinton.

But only time will tell if this will work.

Trump has the entire mainstream media working against him, making things that much harder for him.

Do you think President Trump can beat Joe Biden?

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