President Trump is betting that Joe Biden will eventually be the Democratic nominee to oppose him in 2020.

And he’s already working on his game plan to defeat Biden.

Now, Trump just cornered Biden on an issue that will leave him in ruins.

President Trump is facing a field of 25 separate Democratic candidates who are seeking the nomination to go up against him in 2020.

And while the field is expected to narrow rapidly in the coming weeks, there’s one man in particular who continues to stand out in the field and who Trump thinks will eventually be the candidate he faces next year.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is still leading the polls in the Democratic primary even after having one of the worst months that any Democrat running for President could have imagined.

Despite floundering in two debates and suffering a humiliating defeat when Kamala Harris tore into him on school bussing at the first engagement earlier this summer, Biden remains the clear front-runner of the Democratic pack.

And that means that he may very well emerge as the nominee going into the general election against Trump.

But Trump isn’t worried.

He already has a game plan for dealing with Biden.

And Biden just committed a major mistake that left him cornered by Trump.

“The Trump reelection campaign likely never imagined that a potential 2020 opponent would practically gift-wrap a made-for-TV negative ad on climate change during a Democratic primary debate — much less one held in the fossil fuel-reliant Motor City,” reports RealClearPolitics.

“But the morning after the second Democratic debate in Detroit, top Trump strategists were celebrating, declaring early victory in Michigan, Pennsylvania and other areas in the Midwest even though the campaign finish line is still 15 months down the road.”

This is an issue that could mark the end of Biden’s campaign in much of the Midwest, which is set to be the battleground region of the 2020 election.

In states like Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, energy remains a key issue.

And with Biden now adopting parts of the laughable “Green New Deal” which promises to provide taxpayer-funded handouts to illegal immigrants and those “unwilling to work”, he is committing a major mistake that the Trump campaign is bound to exploit.

Biden, in an attempt to shore up his left flank, has completely thrown away the center.

And that’s the group that elected Trump in the first place in key states like those in the Midwest.

“If you want to be the Democrat nominee, you have to swear by the radical Green New Deal, which Joe Biden has done,” Trump Communications Director Tim Murtaugh said to RealClearPolitics in an interview.

This could truly be the beginning of the end for Biden’s campaign.

And it’s a major victory for Trump that has the President in a strong position to claim the critical Midwest swing states for the second time.

We will keep you updated with any new developments in this ongoing story.