The fake news media continues its war on Donald Trump.

They hoped Bob Woodward’s new book “Fear” would take him down once-and-for-all.

But Donald Trump just dropped the hammer and sent the press running for cover.

Bob Woodward Writes Controversial Book

The press lapped up the stories written in “Fear.”

Woodward painted a picture of Trump as a buffoon.

He also claimed Trump’s staff had to save the country from disaster.

Woodward wrote they ignored his orders and stole papers from his desk.

He also said they insulted him behind his back.

Journalists celebrated the book.

The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman wrote:

Donald Trump Crushes Fake News Media With His Response

Americans have seen this story play out before.

When Michael Wolff published “Fire and Fury,” and Omarosa Manigault released “Unhinged,” the media gave their books massive coverage.

Both books contained sensational charges that Trump was crazy and a racist.

But those books fell apart under close scrutiny.

Officials stepped forward to fully deny the accounts in “Fire and Fury” and “Unhinged.”

And now the same thing is happening with “Fear.”

Woodward claimed Chief of Staff John Kelly called Trump an “idiot.”

He also wrote that Secretary of Defense James Mattis described Trump as having a “fifth or sixth grader’s” understanding of the world.

None of this was true.

Mattis and Kelly both put out statements denying what Woodward claimed they said.

Trump used their denials to attack to rip the book on twitter.

He wrote:

The Book’s Impact On 2018

The press hopes the book helps Democrats in the 2018 elections.

They will push the story that Trump is dangerous and needs to be stopped.

Therefore, Americans must elect Democrats to Congress to check the President.

But you can’t believe anything you read in the legacy media.

It is all slanted with the goal of getting rid of Donald Trump.

Fox News Brit Hume summed up the dilemma Woodward’s readers face.

He wrote:

The press defended “Fear” by claiming Woodward had all his interviews on tape.

However, that does not answer the charge that Woodward’s sources made up damaging stories about Trump.

But Republican voters don’t fall for the negative quotes and stories about Trump.

They have seen the media push too much fake news to believe an anonymously sourced book holds any merit.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.