President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign just got a major boost.

And it’s all because of one decision that every Democrat running for president made during the primary debate last week.

And now, Trump just exposed the real reason Democrats are going to lose in 2020, and it only took him one sentence to do so.

President Trump’s re-election chances just became all the more last week after the Democratic primary debate moved the party even further to the left than it already had been under the first two years of his presidency.

With Democrats crawling over one another to see who can run the furthest to the left, Trump had an opportunity to sit back and watch Democrats destroy one another during their first debate.

But Trump also watched something else happen.

While Democrats were arguing with one another for much of the debate, there was one question that found all of them in agreement.

And Trump knows that their answer may have just guaranteed his re-election next year.

At the debate on Thursday night, Democrats from Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden to many others, raised their hands when asked if they would cover illegal immigrants under their healthcare plans.

Trump immediately recognized this could be the Democrats’ undoing.

Breitbart reports, “President Donald Trump said Monday that Democrats were more interested in caring for illegal immigrants than for United States citizens. The president commented on Democrats after ten 2020 presidential candidates favored giving illegal immigrants tax-payer funded health care insurance in the last debate.”

Trump did not hold back at all when he took issue with the Democrats’ plans to give federal benefits to illegal aliens.

“The Democrats want to treat them with health care and with other things better than they treat the citizens of our country. It’s crazy what they’re doing, it’s crazy and it’s mean and it’s very unfair to our citizens,” Trump said.

Rather than debating how to best help the American people, the Democratic field wants those same people to instead subsidize illegal aliens with taxpayer dollars.

“I think there’s a big difference to me between being a citizen of the United States and an illegal,” Trump added.

If Democrats think they can win back the White House by promising people who aren’t US citizens and cannot vote, taxpayer-funded benefits that will be paid for by those who are US citizens and who can vote, they’re on a collision course with disaster.

And Trump knows it too.

He knows that this is one of the weakest issues that Democrats are poised to mess up on, and that the American people do not support their plans at all.

If he can remind enough of them that the election could mean the difference between taxpayer funding for illegal aliens, or letting the American people keep that money in their own pockets, his re-election would be more or less guaranteed.

Do you think American citizens shouldn’t be forced to pay benefits to illegal aliens?

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