Hillary Clinton crawled back into the spotlight once again to lob attacks at Donald Trump.

She lost her mind over his speech at the U.N. General Assembly where he tagged Kim Jong Un with the nickname “Rocket Man.”

But Trump fired back and destroyed both Bill and Hillary Clinton with one tweet.

During Trump’s speech, he declared Kim Jon Un – whom he labeled as “Rocket Man” – was on a suicide mission by continuing to develop nuclear weapons.

Trump said the United States would destroy North Korea if they threatened America or her allies.

Trump’s “Rocket Man” nickname for the North Korean tyrant was a big hit and other world leaders quickly adopted it.

But not everyone was pleased.

Hillary Clinton appeared at one of her safe spaces – Stephen Colbert’s late night comedy show – and attacked the speech as “dark” and “dangerous”.

Trump immediately fired back.

He pointed out he was only in this dangerous situation because of the Clintons.

Trump correctly noted that in 1994, then-President Bill Clinton made a deal with the North Koreans where they obtained fuel and nuclear power plants in exchange for freezing their weapons program.

The deal failed and North Korea gained the wherewithal to develop nuclear missiles.

Hillary Clinton – as Secretary of State – presided over Barack Obama’s policy of “strategic patience.”

This amounted to doing nothing and hoping someone else would clean up the mess.

Now that Trump is taking steps to correct the Clintons errors, they are heckling him from the peanut gallery.