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The Democratic primary field for 2020 is rapidly turning into a political traffic jam.

Dozens of Democrats are expected to enter the race against President Trump this year.

But one top Trump challenger just ruined his life after his response to a sex scandal put him in hot water.

It’s no surprise that a wave of Democrats are preparing to run for president this year.

The party is expected to field one of its largest batches of primary candidates in history.

While the battle lines are being drawn, some candidates are already experiencing major problems before their campaigns even get off the ground.

Independent Senator Bernie Sanders nearly shocked the country when he ran a strong and energetic campaign against Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primaries.

He’s hoping to transform that strong showing into another, more successful run, for the presidency in 2020.

But Sanders’ campaign has already been derailed by a massive sex scandal, and his response to the allegations have only made things worse.

The Daily Caller reports, “Former staffers on the Sanders campaign have been detailing instances of sexism and sexual harassment while working on his presidential bid in 2016.”

“After a letter circulated in December referring to a “dangerous dynamic” between the men and women on Sanders’ 2016 presidential campaign, claims of rampant “sexual violence and harassment” have been on the forefront of discussions among former Sanders supporters,” the Daily Caller added.

Sanders campaign has specifically been hit with allegations that the Vermont socialist paid women staffers on the campaign far less than men.

The allegations of sexism and sexual harassment have damaged Sanders’ reputation among his far-left base, as well as other traditional progressive and liberal activists within the Democratic Party.

“I was a little bit busy running around the country, trying to make the case,” Sanders told CNN’s Anderson Cooper during an interview about the allegations.

The response has led to ridicule from left-leaning activists on social media.

The Vermont Senator’s precarious position has been made even worse by the fact that he will not be the only “anti-establishment” candidate in the Democratic field in 2020.

Aided by any and all anti-Hillary forces in the 2016 nomination contest, Sanders was able to capture broad support across wide swaths of the Democratic primary electorate.

But with other left-leaning candidates such as Elizabeth Warren getting into the race as well, Sanders will have to contend with a much more crowded field of similar candidates.

The sexual harassment accusations stemming from his 2016 campaign also open up attacks on him from within the primary field.

To make matters even worse, Sanders’ flippant response about the allegations is sure to keep them in the limelight as the Senator gears up for his second bid for the presidency.

Sanders’ comments suggest that he doesn’t yet think it’s a serious issue to address, but Sanders may soon live to regret waving off the allegations out of hand.

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