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The migrant caravan which tried to cross the border from Mexico made headlines last fall.

Now, a second caravan is on its way.

But this new caravan is about to be stopped in its tracks thanks to a curveball no one saw coming.

The migrant caravan which made its way from Central America to the California border with Mexico last year took news outlets across the country by storm.

Thousands of migrants tried to force their way across the border into the United States, before being driven back and forced to go through legal means to enter the country.

But the migrant caravan of last fall was not the end of the story.

A new, larger caravan is now working its way up Central America, with the final destination appearing to be the U.S.-Mexican border.

This second caravan is reported to be larger, better organized, and possibly more determined to enter the country than the previous.

The Trump administration has been tracking the progress of this caravan as it prepares for a second round of border chaos.

But at the same time, the White House is working to implement several new rule changes which could prevent new caravans from straining America’s immigration system to the breaking point.

The goal is to stop future caravans altogether.

The Daily Caller reports, “President Donald Trump’s latest effort to break a stalemate over border wall funding and end a partial government shutdown includes provisions that would seek to stop the formation of Central American migrant caravans.”

While the shutdown coverage has largely focused on the plight of federal government workers, as well as President Trump’s demands for a border wall with Mexico, new administrative rule changes and policies are also at stake.

At present, loopholes in American law require families attempting to cross the border while claiming asylum to be released after a short detention period. What’s more, immigration officials are supposed to take custody of any children these migrants bring with them.

The result has been a tremendous pressure placed on American immigration officials as they struggle to cope with a flood of immigrants seeking asylum.

President Trump’s proposed rule change would require Central American migrants to apply for asylum in their home countries, rather than march all the way to the U.S. border and try to force their way through.

This rule change, while simple sounding, could relieve a tremendous burden on America’s immigration system. It would also end the practice of catch-and-release, which allows many migrants to be let go after being caught attempting to enter the border illegally.

The biggest hurdle these policy changes will have to face before entering the force of law is the Democratic Party.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have both vowed to oppose the new rule changes, with Pelosi promising to oppose any legislation which gives President Trump any of his preferred policy objectives without first agreeing to reopen the federal government.

With the political gridlock in Washington having no end in sight, it’s unclear when these rule changes could get a chance to go into effect.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.