Donald TrumpDemocrats are in full-blown panic mode.

It’s all because their biggest lie about President Donald Trump just collapsed.

And now, Trump just scored his biggest victory against Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to date.

President Donald Trump has faced the most brutal attacks from the far left of any President in American history.

From his campaign promises to undo the disastrous legacy of Barack Obama, to his tireless efforts to secure the border and end illegal immigration, Trump has left the Democrats enraged like never before.

And after Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s work on investigating bogus charges that the President had colluded with the Russian government to steal the 2016 election from Hillary Clinton, the President just gave Democrats even more reasons to be furious with him.

But that’s not all.

After Democrats spent the better part of two years promising the American people that Trump is an illegitimate President and that he cheated his way into getting the White House, their massive lie fell apart in the span of just a few months.

There was no collusion and there was no conspiracy.

Trump won the old-fashioned way, because Democrats like Hillary Clinton took the election for granted and refused to even campaign in key swing states like Wisconsin.

It’s something the left just won’t get over, because they know they have no one to blame for Trump’s victory but themselves.

Which is why the cries among the far left of connection between Trump and the Russians are now fading.

But at the same time, Democrats can’t just give up on their obsessive hatred against the President.

So the attacks of “Russian Collusion” are now fading away as the left instead tries to paint Trump as a racist.

In a classic move that is as old as time, Democrats are once again playing the race card the moment they feel like they’re running out of options.

The Toronto Sun reports, “Indeed, almost all of the Democrats chose in this week following a weekend of horrors to pivot their main message of the campaign trail from ‘Trump and Russia’ to ‘Trump and racism.’ At least five of the Democratic candidates went so far as to brand President Donald Trump as a white supremacist.”

“This is repulsive rhetoric — the sort of speech intended to marginalize and exile. It is ‘basket of deplorable’ on steroids, and it says to every Trump supporter: ‘You, too, are a white supremacist.’”

This is of course nothing new.

Led by Nancy Pelosi in the House and Chuck Schumer in the Senate, Democrats are determined to destroy Trump at any costs.

The true surprise should be that it took this long for Democrats to accuse that Trump is a racist.

It’s a common argument that the left employs whenever their backs are up against the wall.

And it’s something that Trump knows he will be baselessly attacked for.

But in doing so, Pelosi has handed Trump a massive win.

Because she and her party wouldn’t be attacking Trump by calling him a racist if they had anything else to hit him on, and they don’t.

Do you think Democrats are overplaying their hand?

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