One Deep State loyalist has stood in the way of Donald Trump uncovering the truth about the silent coup to remove him from office.

But that official just got put on notice.

One Trump attorney stepped in front of the cameras and drove the final nail in the Deep State’s coffin.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been the Deep State’s gatekeeper at the Department of Justice.

He has either blocked or slowed down every attempt by Congressional Republicans to get to the bottom of the FBI’s misconduct during the 2016 election and Russia investigations.

In fact, Rosenstein outrageously claimed that members of Congress were trying to “extort” him when they demanded he produce the unredacted version of his memo authorizing the Mueller investigation.

Congress is a superior body to the Department of Justice.

The Constitution grants members of Congress oversight authority over the Department of Justice.

Contrary to what Rosenstein claims, the DOJ is not an independent agency.

It must answer to Congress.

Rosenstein’s claims are nothing more than a Bureaucrat who is drunk with power and has forgotten that his loyalty is to the Constitution and not the Deep State.

One time Trump Attorney Joseph diGenova drove this point home on an interview with Tucker Carlson.

DiGenova declared that comments “disqualify” Rosenstein from continuing to serve as deputy attorney general.

The Daily Caller reports:

Joe diGenova told Tucker Carlson Wednesday night that Rod Rosenstein’s recent comments allegedly attacking Congress “disqualify” him from staying at the Department of Justice.

“The deputy attorney general today disqualified himself from continued service in the Department of Justice,” the former U.S. attorney told The Daily Caller co-founder. “Jeff Sessions now has an absolute responsibility to call him into his office, berate him for saying that constitutional oversight is extortion.”

“That statement by a constitutional officer like Rod Rosenstein is disgraceful, it’s an embarrassment to the department, but it is of a pattern of what Mr. Rosenstein has done there since he has arrived.”

DiGenova called the deputy attorney general a “careerist.”

“He believes the department can do no wrong and that he is going to resist calls for more information,” he continued. “When you realize that he appointed a special counsel, Robert Mueller, someone he’s very close to and who was very close to James Comey, to investigate no crime and put this country through 15-going-on-16 months of interruption of a new president, that tells you something about Rod Rosenstein.”

“He is resisting all of this because he created the original sin: an investigation of no crime.”

Rosenstein ultimately answers to Congress.

He is creating a Constitutional crisis by refusing to respect the authority granted to Congress under Article I.

But Rosenstein is digging in his heels because making his memo public would cause the house of cards that is the Mueller probe to come crashing down.

Americans would see that Rosenstein never named a specific crime to investigate – which violates DOJ guidelines – and that he purposefully unleashed Mueller on a witch hunt.

Do you agree with Joe diGenova that Rosenstein is disqualified to continue to serve as deputy attorney general?

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