The fake news media set their sights on destroying James Mattis.

Anti-Trump journalists asked Trump if he was going to fire him.

Trump’s answer will leave you speechless.

The Media Works to Destroy James Mattis

Bob Woodward’s new book “Fear” paints a picture that Mattis hates Trump.

Woodward writes that Mattis ignores Trump’s orders.

He also claims Mattis makes fun of the President and calls him dumb.

Woodward writes that Mattis said Trump had a “fifth or sixth grader’s” understanding of the world.

Mattis supposedly made these remarks after Trump questioned U.S. policy.

Trump asked why the U.S. was fighting the war in Afghanistan for so long.

He also wondered why the U.S. kept so many troops in South Korea.

Trump won the election on an America First foreign policy.

His supporters defended the President.

They said he was elected to bring change and question America’s foreign policy.

Reporters Ask Trump About Firing Mattis

Reporters asked Trump if he would fire Mattis.

Anti-Trump journalists would love that.

It would allow them to write stories that Trump is unhinged and fires his best people.

However, Trump shot these rumors down.

Trump praised Mattis to reporters.

“He’ll stay right there. We’re very — we’re very happy with him. We’re having a lot of victories. We’re having victories that people don’t even know about. And he’s highly respected all over the world,” Trump said.

“I asked him whether or not this was true. He said, ‘Not only is it not true; I’d like to write a statement.’ I said, ‘Thank you very much. That’s very nice.’ He wrote the most beautiful statement,” he said.

Trump continued, “I think he’s a terrific person. He’s doing a fantastic job as Secretary of Defense.”

Trump added, “..nicest quote about me I think I’ve ever had.”

More Fake News

After the Washington Post broke the news of Woodward’s book, the paper published a story that Trump wanted to replace Mattis.

The press pulled this trick to try and depress Trump’s voters ahead of the midterms.

Trump supporters like Mattis.

The press wants to drive a wedge between the two men.

In addition, they want to present Trump as a crazed loon who is unfit for office.

It is all lies.

But the media timed the lies to boost Democrats chances of winning control of Congress in November.

Then they can impeach Trump.

But they still need Republican votes in the Senate to convict Trump.

If the press can pressure Trump into firing Mattis, they hope it will push Republicans to vote to remove Trump from office.

But Trump saw through this plan and stood by Mattis.

The media saw their plan fail before their eyes.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.