Barack Obama pursued one goal with single-minded determination during his eight years in office.

He appeased the regime in Iran with a deal that put the rogue regime on a glide path to acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Now Donald Trump just made an announcement that was the worst news of Obama’s life.

During his speech at the U.N. General Assembly, Trump made it clear the United States finally had a pro-America President.

Trump blasted the Iran deal as “an embarrassment.”

He also made clear he was seriously considering pulling out of the agreement.

Calling the deal an embarrassment was a bullseye hit on Barack Obama’s failure as President.

The Iran deal was seen as Obama’s legacy.

By slamming the deal as “an embarrassment” Trump was calling Obama an embarrassment.

Israeli President Bibi Netanyahu praised Trump’s speech.

The deadline to recertify the Iran deal is October 15th.

Trump has long been a critic of the deal and the Guardian reported Netanyahu intended to also use his U.N. General Assembly speech to attack the Iran deal.

And the Trump administration began to lay the groundwork for their declaring Iran in violation of the agreement and terminating the deal.

Washington Examiner reported:

“U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley began earlier this month to make the administration’s case for breaking with the deal. Instead of focusing only on whether Iran remains within the parameters of the JCPOA, Haley argued, the U.S. should take a broader view of all Iranian provocations, including the activity of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, support for Hezbollah, and ballistic missile development, and decide on a more comprehensive Iran policy.

“The question of Iranian compliance is not as straightforward as many people believe,” Haley said during a speech to the American Enterprise Institute on Sept. 5. “It’s not just about the technical terms of the nuclear agreement. It requires a much more thorough look.”

By pulling out of the agreement Trump will continue to fulfill his campaign promises and carry out his mandate from his election to erase Obama’s legacy.

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