Donald TrumpPresident Donald Trump will go down as one of the greatest Presidents in history.

Despite intense attacks from the establishment, he has been able to accomplish more than any modern President.

And he just made an unbelievable announcement about his future.

There may be nobody that better epitomizes what used to be great about New York City than President Trump.

The one-time U.S. capital has been a place where everyday people could accomplish the American dream through hard work.

But left-wing politicians have driven the once great city into the ground, to where it is now overrun by crime, and massive taxes and regulations are sending prospective businesspeople running away.

And as for President Trump, the politicians are working overtime to ensure that he ends up behind bars and that his many businesses in the city are destroyed.

That’s why he made a jaw-dropping announcement that his family will be making Palm Beach, Florida his permanent residence.

Trump tweeted:

“1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House, is the place I have come to love and will stay for, hopefully, another 5 years as we MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, but my family and I will be making Palm Beach, Florida, our Permanent Residence.”

The President adds that while he loves the people of New York, left-wing bureaucrats have made it impossible for him to continue living there, writing:

“[D]espite the fact that I pay millions of dollars in city, state and local taxes each year, I have been treated very badly by the political leaders of both the city and state. Few have been treated worse. I hated having to make this decision, but in the end it will be best for all concerned.”

Palm Beach is the location of his world-famous Mar-a-Lago resort, which has been dubbed the Winter White House for Trump.

So it isn’t surprising that he would choose that location as his permanent residence.

Under Republican leadership, Florida has also been able to craft policies that incentivize business growth, which is why the state’s economy is booming.

And unlike New York, Florida is tough on crime, along with having more concealed carry permit holders than any other state.

So it is a natural fit for President Trump.

This decision likely has to do in part with the state seeming to only become more conservative as time goes by.

During the 2018 election, Trump ally Ron DeSantis was elected as governor despite far-left figures like George Soros dropping tens of millions of dollars on his Democrat opponent.

Trump will finally be welcomed with open arms in his home state, instead of having his state officials working against him, along with having a population that overwhelmingly hates him.

And if he switches his residency in time, he will be able to vote for himself in the crucial swing state during the 2020 election.

Do you think Trump made the right decision by moving to Florida?

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