Donald TrumpThe Democrats may have finally received the news about the 2020 Presidential field they are waiting for.

And it involves former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Now Donald Trump was stunned into silence by what this 2020 poll revealed about Michelle Obama.

A Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll showed that Elizabeth Warren leads in New Hampshire in the Democrat primary with 25% of the vote.

Biden, the frontrunner for several months, now trails at 24%, and Bernie Sanders, fresh off a heart attack, is in third place with 22%.

However, the poll showed that if Michelle Obama were to throw her hat in the ring, she would jump to the front of the pack with 26%.

Biden and Warren would slip to 20% each, and Sanders would fall to 15%.

The fact that Michelle Obama, with no political experience other than being First Lady, would immediately surge to the top of the polls is bad news for 2020 Democrats.

They’re not even as popular as Barack Obama’s wife.

Other than Biden, who’s sadly doing everything he can to hitch his wagon to Obama, the other Democrats have distanced themselves from Obama’s legacy because that’s how quickly the party has moved to the radical left.

Obama, arguably the most radically left president to date, didn’t go far enough for the progressive wing.

The party is now openly embracing full-scale socialism and top-down government control of multiple sectors, most notably healthcare.

Obama and the Democrats spent years lying to the American people that single-payer healthcare was too radical and wasn’t the goal.

Now it’s clear single-payer was always the ultimate goal.

Modest budget estimates on Bernie Sanders’s Medicare-for-All plan would cost $42 trillion, which would be an insane increase in taxation.

Democrats have also endorsed open borders and providing free healthcare to illegal aliens, which would explode costs even further.

But the Democrats aren’t stopping there.

They’ve peddled the communist fever dream known as the Green New Deal, which calls for every single building in the United States to be renovated, among other things.

Budget estimates put that plan at $93 trillion, which begins to turn into Monopoly money.

Countries that adopt this insane level of government spending also end up succumbing to hyperinflation, which destroys a nation’s currency.

And yet, the Democrats didn’t stop there.

Beto O’Rourke, who played the part of a moderate Texas congressman in 2018, has gone full-scale socialist.

He’s called for the confiscation of firearms, and the removal of tax-exempt status from religious institutions if they don’t support homosexual marriage.

With such a rabid field of wild-eyed socialists stepping over each other to move to the hard left, it’s no wonder Michelle Obama would shoot to the top of the polls.

Democrat voters and independents are looking for anyone on the left who isn’t completely crazy, but they’re not finding it.

They’re doing their level best to gift-wrap 2020 to Donald Trump.

Anyone they nominate will have to explain why they endorsed a slew of fundamentally un-American policies.