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In just about a month’s time Trey Gowdy will conclude his almost 2-year-long investigation of the fateful circumstances leading up to the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi.

The investigation process has been an uphill battle for Gowdy and his colleagues.

Much of this has to do with the constant stonewalling on the part of Democrats. Just a few days ago Gowdy wrote a letter ripping the Democrats to shreds because of their constant interference in helping he and the rest of the Republican led committee get down to the bottom of what happened over the course of those few days back in 2012.

In the 1,800 word attack piece Gowdy said the Democrats had worked tirelessly to “undermine the panel’s work through ‘abject obstruction’ and ‘serial’ leaks to the media.”

But the crazy thing in all of this is how Godwy is going to give the Democrats unfettered access to the report before it’s published.

Even allowing them to make edits to the report before it goes public.

In the letter he wrote to the Democrats shredding them for their obstructionary activity he also conceded that he’d throw them a bone and wanted to make sure their input on the report was received.

Gowdy promised “Despite your efforts to undermine and obstruct our fact-centered work, rest assured all members of the committee will have the opportunity to review the report and offer changes in a manner consistent with the rules of the House…“Then, after the committee completes its work, the American people will be able to read the report, the supporting evidence and transcripts, and judge for themselves the value and fairness of our investigation.”

The Hill reports Democrats are skeptical Gowdy’s overture is truly genuine.

Why would they say that you wonder?

Apparently they claim the way the report publishing protocol has been developed by the House it would give Gowdy and his colleagues potential wiggle room to publish a draft of the report for their review that isn’t what they release to the public.

“Based on their latest letter, it appears that the Republicans have decided not to vet their draft report for accuracy with the rest of the Select Committee members before they release it to the public shortly before the political conventions this summer,” a Democratic committee spokesman said in a statement provided to The Hill.

“Democrats are deeply disappointed that Republicans have rejected virtually every opportunity to make this investigation bipartisan, fact-based, and credible.”

Of course it’s highly unlikely Gowdy and his colleagues will do any such thing.

There’s been enough evidence collected to prove Clinton and the State Department were in dereliction of duty at the time and the Republicans won’t have to resort to tricks to prove it.

Do you think Gowdy’s making the right decision to have Democrats help edit the report?

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