Trey Gowdy has hit his limit with the FBI’s deceptions and cover-ups.

It all came to a head in an explosive Congressional hearing.

And Gowdy had this Deep State agent realizing he was in deep trouble after this smackdown.

Anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok finally testified before Congress.

Strzok – who showed no remorse for his anti-Trump bias which created a permanent stain on the FBI – smirked and snarled his way through his testimony.

But he met his match when Gowdy dissected his conduct as a lead agent on the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Gowdy began his grilling of Strzok by outlining the absurdity of the FBI agent’s contention that he was not biased against Donald Trump.

The House Oversight Committee chairman declared “About two weeks ago F.B.I. Agent Peter Strzok was interviewed for more than 10 hours. We learned that Agent Strzok has a most unusual and largely self-serving definition of bias.

Agent Strzok despite the plain language of his texts and emails, despite the inspector general’s report, and despite common sense doesn’t think he was bias.”

He thinks calling someone destabilizing for the country isn’t bias. He thinks promising to protect the country from someone he hasn’t even begun to investigate isn’t bias. He thinks promising to stop someone he is supposed to be fairly investigating from ever becoming president isn’t bias,”

After these remarks, Gowdy drilled down on a March 2016 text message where Strzok expressed his frustration that any American could oppose Hillary Clinton’s election.

The South Carolina lawmaker quickly identified a major problem with that when he asked:

In March of 2016 weren’t you investigating her for potential mishandling of classified information?

Gowdy followed that up by quizzing Strozk:

Why wouldn’t you wait until the investigation was over before you have her, the nominee, winning a general election against an opponent that hadn’t even been named yet 100 million to 0, Agent Strzok? That’s how bad she should win?

Strzok tried to parry Gowdy’s questions by claiming he was just expressing his personal opinion.

Gowdy was not about to let Strzok off the hook.

You couldn’t think of a single person that wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton.”

How about we divide it by 10,”

I’m pretty sure it’s 10 million. 0 divided by 10 is still zero. You couldn’t think of a personal who would vote for her for president before you interviewed and while you were supposed to be investigating her?

Trump supporters – and most Republican members of Congress – found Strzok’s assertion that he would act to “stop” Trump not related to his work on the Russian investigation laughable.

Few outside of the elected Democrats and anti-Trump members of the so-called “mainstream” media believed this ridiculous claim.

We will keep you up to date on any new details into the ongoing investigation regarding the FBI’s corrupt scheme to frame Donald Trump for colluding with Russia during the 2016 election.