More facts are emerging about the origins of the fake news Fusion GPS “Trump-Russia” dossier.

This growing scandal is engulfing the Clinton campaign, the Obama administration, James Comey, and the rest of the FBI’s leadership.

Trey Gowdy appeared on TV and added fuel to the fire by revealing the secret identity of one of the sources behind the dossier.

Ex-British intelligence agent Christopher Steele colluded with the Russians to produce the phony allegations against Trump.

But shady Russian officials weren’t his only co-conspirators.

He also had help from Clinton family smear-merchant, Sidney Blumenthal.

Blumenthal was most famous for pushing the “birther conspiracy” that Barack Obama was born in Kenya during Hillary’s 2008 campaign.

In 2016, he returned to perform his dark arts against Donald Trump.

Trey Gowdy revealed his role in the dossier during an interview on Fox News.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy suggested on Fox News Tuesday evening that Hillary Clinton confidant Sid Blumenthal is one domestic source for the infamous dossier alleging dangerous connections between President Donald Trump and Russia.

Gowdy told “The Story” host Martha McCallum that Blumenthal gave information to Christopher Steele, the former intelligence officer who authored the dossier which served as the basis for a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court warrant Republicans say was politically motivated.

Weeks before the 2016 election, someone in former President Barack Obama’s State Department was feeding information to Steele from a foreign source, but there was also a domestic source.

“When you hear who the source or one of the sources of that information is, you’re going to think, ‘Oh my gosh, I’ve heard that name somewhere before. Where could he possibly have been?’” Gowdy said.

“I’m trying to think how Secretary Clinton defined him,” Gowdy said. “I think she said he was an old friend who emailed her from time to time.”

McCallum asked if the source was Blumenthal.

“That would be really warm. You’re warm,” Gowdy said. 

Gowdy said he’s known about Steele’s domestic dossier source for a month. “Everything that there is to know about it, and I have known about it for over a month,” he said. “If you go and read the documents at the Department of Justice, you see it. I am troubled by it.”

It is highly unlikely Blumenthal was acting without Clinton’s authority, approval, or knowledge.

And that puts her at the center of this scandal.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this case.