Trey Gowdy did it again.

After exposing Barack Obama and the FBI breaking the law in obtaining a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, Gowdy just blew the whistle on another Obama scandal.

Trey Gowdy went on Fox News and let Sean Hannity in on the secret that will ruin Barack Obama’s life.

The cover up surrounding the Obama administration and the FBI colluding to spy on the Trump campaign during the 2016 election is unraveling.

There are currently three investigations into how the Russia probe began.

And it has the conspirators turning on each other in public.

Trey Gowdy helped sow the seeds of mistrust among Obama’s Deep State cabal when he went on Sean Hannity’s show and provided a thread for investigators to tug at.

Gowdy told Hannity that it would be mighty interesting to get a look at the email exchanges between then-FBI Director James Comey and then-CIA Director John Brennan and see what they thought of Christopher Steele and his dossier’s credibility.

The FBI used the dossier as its central piece of evidence to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

“So whoever’s investigating this, tell them to look for emails between Brennan and Comey in December 2016,” Gowdy told Hannity.

“I think you’ll be surprised at whether or not they viewed Steele as being credible,” Gowdy concluded.

This led to a chain reaction where open warfare broke out between Comey and Brennan.

One of the central events in the collusion narrative was when Comey briefed President-elect Trump on the dossier’s allegation that the Russians had a video of Trump paying prostitutes to urinate on a bed in a Moscow hotel room that Barack and Michelle Obama once slept in.

By including these allegations in a briefing, CNN could then report on the existence of the dossier.

Buzzfeed then published the dossier and the collusion hoax was off to the races.

But in the wake of Gowdy’s appearance on Hannity’s show, Brennan and Comey both issued dueling leaks to Fox News, each blaming the other person for including the dossier in the briefing to Trump.

Fox News exclusively reported:

Sources familiar with the records told Fox News that a late-2016 email chain indicated then-FBI Director James Comey told bureau subordinates that then-CIA Director John Brennan insisted the dossier be included in the intelligence community assessment on Russian interference, known as the ICA.

Fox News was told that the email chain – not yet public — referred to the dossier as “crown material,” but it was not clear why this apparent code was used.

A source close to Brennan disputed this account in a statement to Fox News.

“Former Director Brennan, along with former [Director of National Intelligence] James Clapper, are the ones who opposed James Comey’s recommendation that the Steele Dossier be included in the intelligence report,” a former CIA official said in a statement to Fox News.

As the investigations into the false pretenses of the Russia investigation begin to close in on the Deep State plotters, you can expect more of them to run to the media and leak their own version of events.

And it’s only a matter of time before Americans learn the true extent of Barack Obama’s role in this anti-American conspiracy.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.