The Democrats set their trap to destroy Brett Kavanaugh.

They thought they executed their plan to perfection.

But then Trey Gowdy stepped up and silenced them with these jaw dropping comments.

A Democrat Senator Goes Too Far

Democrat’s attacks on Brett Kavanaugh grow more outrageous by the day.

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was the latest Democrat to pile on.

Gillibrand wants to run for President.

And every Democrat running for President wants to look like they are leading the fight to sink his nomination.

So she jumped at the chance to use Ford’s accusations to smear Kavanaugh.

But she crossed a line.

“Judge Kavanaugh has not asked to have the FBI review these claims,” she began.

“Is that the reaction of an innocent person? It is not!” Gillibrand ranted.

Gillibrand also said she believes Ford’s accusations because she wants to talk to the FBI.

“These are the hallmarks of truth, these are the hallmarks of someone who wants to be believed. I believe her because she’s telling the truth. She’s asking the FBI to investigate her claims,” the Senator added. “She’s asking for that kind of review, that investigative work, that oversight, that accountability. Someone who is lying doesn’t ask the FBI to investigate their claims.”

Critics point out this is nonsense.

The accused does not hold the burden of proof.

It’s not up to them to demand an investigation to clear their name.

Despite what Senator Gillibrand thinks, this is still America.

In addition, Ford is in no danger of the FBI catching her lie.

This is a 36 year old “he said/she said” case.

Trey Gowdy Responds

Trey Gowdy blew Gillibrand and the Democrats out of the water.

Gowdy is a former federal prosecutor.

He understands the rules of evidence and what makes a credible case.

Gowdy pointed out that Gillibrand’s comments were un-American.

“Wow. When I walked into the studio tonight, there was a presumption of innocence and you did not have to prove your innocence. So, I’m a little surprised to hear what the senator from  New York said,” Gowdy stated in an interview on the Special Report with Brett Baier.

“Bret I’ll tell you this,” he continued. “I think that Dr. Ford met with Democratic legislators before the FBI investigated it. I know that she talked to The Washington Post before the FBI investigated it. The FBI did not have jurisdiction over state sex assault claims. If they want to locate witnesses, if there are witnesses that know whether or not this happened, I am all for it and I am all for them being compelled to testify.”

Republicans Lose Patience

Democrats fought Kavanaugh’s nomination with every trick in the book.

Now they are dipping into the gutter.

They dragged out highly suspicious 36 year old allegations by a woman whose story does not add up under scrutiny.

Now they want to stage a Soviet-style trial to try and trip up Judge Kavanaugh.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.