Trey Gowdy stunned Americans when he announced his retirement from Congress.

No one could believe he would walk away from his post investigating Barack Obama’s Deep State.

But now word has surfaced about Trey Gowdy’s comeback—and you’ll be speechless when you find out what he’s doing.

Trey Gowdy chaired the House Oversight Committee, as well as sat on the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees.

These positions afforded him prime real estate to investigate Barack Obama’s Deep State schemes to spy on Donald Trump and undermine his Presidency.

Gowdy helped uncover the FISA warrant where the FBI lied to a federal judge about who paid for the Christopher Steele dossier.

His work also helped reveal the fact that, under James Comey, the FBI deployed human spies to infiltrate the Trump campaign to try and frame them for colluding with Russia.

However, he gave all that up when he announced 2018 would be his final year in Congress.

Everyone began to wonder what he would do next.

Gowdy answered that question when he took a job at the high-powered South Carolina law firm Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough.

The former South Carolina Congressman will work at the firm as a white-collar criminal defense attorney.

Some Gowdy fans see that as a natural landing spot.

For the last two years, Gowdy received an up-close and personal view of how the FBI bent the rules and abused their power in order to target Barack Obama’s political enemies.

But other conservatives wonder if Gowdy will ever return to politics.

There were rumors he had turned down an offer for Trump to nominate him to a federal judgeship in the Fourth Circuit.

Some in Washington even floated his name for FBI Director before Trump nominated Christopher Wray.

Even though Gowdy expressed zero interest in these jobs, it did not stop many Trump supporters from hoping he would eventually return to elected office.

However, the soon-to-be-former South Carolina Congressman did recently lay out two scenarios on Fox News for how he would get back into politics.

Unfortunately for some conservatives, neither of them involved running for office again.

“I will get back in politics if Tim Scott runs for president and he says, ‘Look, I need you to go to Iowa and New Hampshire and knock on doors,’ which he probably won’t because I’d hurt him. You know, if John Ratcliffe ran for governor of Texas and said, ‘Come help me,’ I would,” Gowdy declared in a recent Fox News interview. “But you’ll never see me on the ballot again.”

Gowdy proved himself to be a dogged investigator.

In addition to his work ferreting out the FBI and Barack Obama’s Deep State conspiracy against Donald Trump, Gowdy also chaired the House Benghazi Select Committee.

In that role, Gowdy exposed Hillary Clinton’s criminal conduct in sending classified information over an unsecured private server.

Even though Republicans lost the majority in the House, many conservatives believe he could still play an important role as a counterweight to the expected onslaught on Democrat investigations into Trump.

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