Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigned the day after the midterm elections.

Rumors have since swirled around Washington as to who will be his replacement.

And one involved Trey Gowdy that is bad news for Barack Obama and the Deep State.

Speculation Mounts As To Who Will Replace Jeff Sessions

The Attorney General position is one of the A-list spots in any administration’s cabinet.

Attorney General and the Secretaries of State and Defense usually attract the biggest names.

But Jeff Sessions quickly lost Donald Trump’s confidence.

He unnecessarily recused himself in the Russia probe, which set the stage for Robert Mueller to run his rigged witch hunt.

Ever since then, Trump taunted Sessions on social media and the countdown began as to when he would leave the administration.

Now that he is out, everyone wants to know who will succeed him.

One name that’s been floated is South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy.

Gowdy helped expose the Deep State’s use of the fake news Steele dossier to spy on former Trump campaign aide, Carter Page.

He also helped expose the FBI’s corrupt plot to use the Russia probe as an “insurance policy” against Trump winning the Presidency.

Gowdy also served as a former federal prosecutor, which would make him well qualified to run the Justice Department.

During the Presidential campaign, Trump even hinted on social media that Gowdy could be on his short list for the Attorney General position.

A local South Carolina reporter asked Gowdy if he would be interested in the job.

“I think the capital is not in South Carolina, and I’m heading to South Carolina,” Gowdy said, echoing his prior announcement that he was retiring from Congress.

But Gowdy did say he would speak to Trump if the President wanted to offer him the job.

“Anytime a president calls and asks you to talk to him, the answer is ‘yes,’” the South Carolina Congressman explained. “It was true of President Obama, it would be true of President Trump.”

One Unacceptable Replacement

Media reports claim former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is also on the short list to replace Sessions.

But Christie says the White House has not contacted him.

“No,” Christie told reporters. “No, I read the papers. I know the position’s open. No one needs to tell me.”

Trump supporters hope it stays that way.

Chris Christie is from the Bush RINO wing of the GOP.

Christie supports amnesty.

He is also a gun-grabber.

As Governor of New Jersey, Christie supported Barack Obama style gun control measures.

For all of his faults in the Russia investigation, Sessions loyally supported Trump’s immigration agenda.

And he was also a strong conservative on social issues.

Chris Christie is not.

Trump supporters believe it is Christie and his inner circle floating his name for the job.

His political career ended in disgrace – he left office with a 15 percent approval rating – and it’s likely he wants to use the speculation of being Attorney General to rehabilitate whatever political prospects he may have.

But those prospects will not include being Trump’s Attorney General.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.