Robert Mueller squeezed a number of Donald Trump associates to turn on the President by indicting them on process crimes unrelated to Russian collusion.

These pressure tactics led Donald Trump and many of his supporters to declare the probe as nothing but a rigged witch hunt.

But you won’t believe who just sold President Trump out to Robert Mueller in this jaw dropping betrayal.

Ty Cobb represented Donald Trump during the onset of the Mueller probe.

Cobb worked as the President’s lawyer until the spring of 2018 when he resigned from the legal team over a difference in legal strategy.

The President’s former lawyer recently appeared on the ABC podcast, “The Investigation,” and left jaws on the ground with his comments about Robert Mueller and the Russia probe.

Cobb made it clear he was a Deep State apologist when he broke with the President on the notion that the Mueller investigation was a “witch hunt.”

“I don’t feel the same way about Mueller,” Cobb said during the interview. “I don’t feel the investigation is a witch hunt.”

In response to Trump’s other lawyer, John Dowd, who declared that the Mueller investigation was a fraud, Cobb also stated, “Yeah. I don’t share that view.”

The President’s former lawyer then provided the Democrats and their allies with the club they have needed to bludgeon the President during an impeachment fight by calling Robert Mueller “an American hero.”

“I think Bob Mueller’s an American hero … even though he came from an, arguably, privileged background, he has a backbone of steel. He walked into a firefight in Vietnam to pull out one of his injured colleagues and was appropriately honored for that. I’ve known him for 30 years as a prosecutor and a friend. And I think the world of Bob Mueller. He is a very deliberate guy. But he’s also a class act. And a very justice-oriented person.”

Cobb then took the credit for allowing Mueller to proceed with his coup against the President without any interference from the White House.

“In my first nine-and-a-half months … I was able to prevent the president from going on the attack against Mueller,” Cobb said. “It wasn’t really until Dowd sent out a critical tweet of Mueller and Rudy joined the team that the president felt unleashed.”

As Trump’s lawyer, Cobb had disastrously convinced the President that cooperation – and not confrontation – would be the wisest course of action.

He also famously predicted that if Donald Trump followed his advice, the Mueller probe would be wrapped up by Thanksgiving 2017.

But Cobb wrongly believed that the Mueller investigation was a legal battle.

It was never about the law.

From day one, it was an impeachment investigation and a political fight against a duly elected President.

Cobb’s advice to allow the Mueller’s investigation to go unanswered for over a year was political malpractice.

It allowed the fake news media to only present Mueller’s side of the story, where process crimes and fake indictments against Russians – who would never have to stand trial – became the definitive picture of the Mueller probe.

Mueller’s plan to drive down President Trump’s approval numbers so Congress could impeach him went uninterrupted.

Cobb was a disaster on every level.

And he cemented his betrayal with this interview.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.