Trump Ally Matt GaetzNancy Pelosi is desperately working to take down President Trump.

He is making it virtually impossible for her to achieve anything as Speaker of the House.

And a Trump ally sent her into a fit of rage with just seven words.

If there’s one thing Democrats want more than anything, it is to impeach President Donald Trump.

He is the worst thing ever to happen to their party.

While they have despised past Republican presidents, they have never had such raw hatred for any of them like they do for Trump.

That is because Trump is far more than just a Republican.

He is somebody who wants to put America first, and truly fight back against the anti-American agenda of the modern Democrat Party.

And to make matters worse, the American people are on his side.

Even with the mainstream media working overtime to spread lies about Trump, he continues to hold onto the support he needs to win in the 2020 election.

He continues to fill massive arenas with supporters screaming his name.

And he is making gains in the polls, especially with key voting demographics.

This is due to the booming economy he is presiding over, where unemployment levels are at historic lows.

So if nothing changes, Trump will have no problem winning re-election come 2020.

That’s the exact reason they are working overtime to push impeachment.

But, according to Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, those efforts are not going anywhere.

Gaetz is one of Trump’s biggest allies in Congress.

Trump has praised Gaetz, stating that he is among the “finest and most talented people in Congress.”

And Gaetz has his back on impeachment, telling Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats in Congress that their impeachment efforts are “deader than a Joe Biden political rally.”

“Most backbencher democrats will confess that impeachment in the House is deader than a Joe Biden political rally,” Gaetz told the Daily Caller.

He goes on to explain that impeachment would “be politically fatal for them,” arguing that “the American people are through with this crap,” and that “they elected President Trump.”

Gaetz explains that they have continually failed with every attempt to smear Trump for their gain.

“First Trump was a Russian agent, then that was proven false,” Gaetz asserts. “Then they said he was mentally unstable; totally bogus. Time and time again you see Democrats, instead of working with the Administration to try to improve quality of life for people, just continuing to throw stones.”

Rep. Gaetz hits the nail on the head.

The only people who still care about impeachment are the most fanatical extremists in the Democrat Party.

Most Americans, even if they disagree with Trump, understand that he was fairly elected, and that he should be able to do his job.

But Democrats are not willing to work with him on anything, and instead are working overtime to prevent him from making any progress.

Do you think Democrats should give up on impeachment?

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