Jeff Sessions clings to his job as Attorney General.

The President and some of his supporters believe Sessions weakness allowed the Robert Mueller witch-hunt to spiral out of control.

And the last person Sessions ever expected just revealed a secret about when Trump will fire Sessions.

Questions Mount About Sessions Job Performance

President Trump and many of his supporters stewed about the Department of Justice targeting Trump associates.

Paul Manafort, Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos and Rick Gates have all pleaded guilty or have been convicted of crimes unrelated to Russian collusion.

President Trump pointed out that the real crime Mueller is investigating is Trump winning the election.

The President tweeted:

The only thing that I have done wrong is to win an election that was expected to be won by Crooked Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. The problem is, they forgot to campaign in numerous states!

Some Trump supporters contend the Justice Department is targeting Trump’s friends to send a message to any future outsider candidates.

The swamp’s message is clear: “if you run for office we will destroy the lives of anyone you care about.”

The Justice Department failed to prosecute any Democrats or rogue FBI agents.

Prosecutors referred Clinton associate Tony Podesta and disgraced ex-FBI agent Andrew McCabe for criminal prosecution and so far Sessions’ Justice Department has declined to press charges.

President Trump and his supporters are enraged over this double standard.

A Top Trump Ally Drops A Hint About Firing Sessions

A group of Trump supporters are wondering why the President has not fired Sessions.

The President repeatedly blasts the Attorney General on social media.

However, some Trump supporters credit the Attorney General for putting the President’s immigration agenda in place.

Sessions has also strongly defended religious liberty in speeches.

Nevertheless, Sessions has allowed the Mueller investigation to spiral into a witch-hunt.

The Attorney General took no action to stop a conspiracy to destroy the President.

Sessions failure to defend the President consequently led many Trump supporters to call for his job.

And a top Trump ally dropped a hint about when the President will fire Sessions.

Jerry Falwell, Jr. hinted that Trump could fire Sessions after the midterm elections.

Falwell, Jr. tweeted:

President Trump followed up that tweet by attacking Sessions’ Justice Department.

Trump tweeted:

Trump’s tweet fueled speculation that once the Mueller investigation is over, the President will clean house.

Some Trump supporters cheered this news.

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