Obama’s been getting serious heat from the Democrat party lately.

Just a few days ago, Donna Brazile, who serves as Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Convention said the reason Democrats lost in the elections is because Obama isn’t a strong enough leader.

And now it appears they’re using fear tactics to drum up support in the Democrat base, even hinting Obama might be going to jail for his recent executive order.

The subject line of a recent email sent by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee read “Impeachment? Prison??? – Sign now, stand with President Obama.”

While the Democrats argue Obama was 100% in the clear for his blatant power-grab, they at least acknowledge Republicans would like to depose him for his actions.

As the email reads, “Republicans think this is their chance to destroy the president…They’re threatening lawsuits, shutdowns, impeachment? One Republican congressman even suggested President Obama be thrown in jail!”

To be perfectly honest, Obama seeing the inside of a cell is a far-fetched fantasy.

But it doesn’t change the fact that Democrats are resorting to their own style of fear-mongering after they were crushed at the polls.

Former GOP candidate Joe Miller wrote on his blog

Apparently, members of the president’s party are facing some pretty serious heat over King Obama’s unconstitutional power grab this week…Appeals to the president’s support base seem to be growing in their hysteria.

Given the fact that most Americans do not support Obama’s power grab, and even members of his own party disapprove, impeachment should be on the table.

Regrettably, it’s not.

Fresh out of overwhelming mid-term victories, the GOP is once again moving tepidly. Even on the issue that arguably provided their margin of success – Obamacare – leadership has stated that a vote on repeal will not even be held.

So the DCCC’s hysteria over impeachment and jail time is just a fundraising gimmick.

They know, as do all Washington insiders, that the ruling class will ensure continuation of the status quo. And absent another Jacksonian or Reagan revolution, we’ll continue our slide into the dustbin of history…

See the email for yourself.

Obama Goes to Jail

Truthfully articles of impeachment should be filed against the president.

He has abdicated his oath to the office.

He has helped not just one illegal gain access to the U.S. “illegaly,” but millions.

His welcome was worn out 6 years ago, but now everything he does with a Republican congress in place is just a slap in the face.

One thing’s for sure.

Now that Republicans have taken control of congress it’s your time to make smart financial decisions.

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