One top Democrat crossed an unthinkable line.

And he doesn’t even think that it’s a problem.

This top Democrat said four shocking words about coronavirus that put lives at risk.

The thing about social distancing is that people need to actually stay home for it to work.

If the government doesn’t take stringent action to stop this virus, it will spread beyond the medical system’s ability to deal with the number of people that need care.

The main reason why such extreme measures are being taken is because this coronavirus takes 5 to 14 days to show up and there have been outlying cases where people have developed symptoms 28 days after being exposed to the virus.

The other problem is that it’s easy to transmit.

A new study has confirmed that COVID-19 can be transmitted through aerosols in the air and it takes at least three hours for it to die.

On plastic and stainless steel, the virus was still active after three days.

The public needs to be careful about what they touch which is why government officials are trying to encourage people to stay away from others as much as possible to slow the spread.

But one top Democrat doesn’t seem to get the memo that there’s a crisis going on.

Bill de Blasio should understand how serious this virus should be taken. After all, New York has the highest amount of cases out of any state. It has 2,481 cases while West Virginia only has one.

Yet, de Blasio is confused why people were offended that he was going to the gym after he closed all of New York’s schools down.

“I don’t get it,” he told CNN.

According to the Daily Wire:

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio reportedly “resisted drastic steps” on coronavirus until his staff, terrified that New York City could become ground zero in a devastating outbreak, threatened to quit — and despite a national outcry over his decision to break quarantine and work out at a gym in Brooklyn, in defiance of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, de Blasio says he does not understand why his private schedule is so controversial.

“For most of last week, as Mayor Bill de Blasio continued to urge New Yorkers to mostly go about their daily lives — sending their children to school, frequenting the city’s businesses — some of his top aides were furiously trying to change the mayor’s approach to the coronavirus outbreak,” the New York Times reported on Tuesday. “There had been arguments and shouting matches between the mayor and some of his advisers; some top health officials had even threatened to resign if he refused to accept the need to close schools and businesses, according to several people familiar with the internal discussions.”

In fact, the government had to offer a correction after de Blasio told a woman who had just returned from Italy to continue her daily life even though federal guidelines are currently to quarantine for 14 days.

But de Blasio isn’t even willing to abide by the rule the government is imposing on everyone else.