Democrats launched a campaign to steal the elections in Florida.

They flooded the state with lawyers and worked behind closed doors with key officials to rig the results.

But one top Democrat just confessed to a horrible voter fraud scheme that will make you sick.

Bill Nelson Sues To Count Votes Submitted After Election Day

Democrat Senator Bill Nelson refuses to accept defeat.

Rick Scott led him on Election Night.

But then the shady votes started pouring in.

Democrat stronghold Broward Country discovered tens of thousands of ballots that narrowed Scott’s margin to the level necessary to trigger a recount.

Democrats also triggered a recount in the Gubernatorial election.

But Republican Ron DeSantis leads his Democrat opponent by 40,000 votes.

There is no chance for a recount reversal there.

Scott leads Nelson by a smaller 12,000 vote margin because he sold-out gun owners.

After the Parkland shooting, Scott signed Barack Obama style gun control into law.

His betrayal depressed his Republican vote and it is why he ran so far behind DeSantis – which no expert predicted would happen.

Nevertheless, Democrats are still trying to steal the Senate race.

Nelson filed a sued suit demanding Florida count votes submitted after Election Day.

Florida law states that voters submit mail-in ballots by 7PM on Election Day.

Nelson’s lawsuit claims as long as ballots were postmarked by Election Day and were received within ten days of November 6, they should count.

“Florida’s 7 p.m. Election Day receipt deadline for vote by mail ballots burdens the right to vote of eligible voters,” the suit argues.

The Nelson campaign is asking for illegal votes to count.

Their lawsuit demands Florida ignore state law and rig the election so Nelson can retain his seat.

Democrats Trying To Steal The Election

Florida Senator Marco Rubio fired off a series of tweets explaining how the Democrats plan to steal the election.

He wrote:

Imagine if NFL team was trailing 24-22 but in final seconds hits a 3 pt kick to win. Then AFTER game lawyers for losing team get a judge to order rules changed so that last second field goals are only 1 point Well that’s how democrat lawyers plan to steal #Florida election ¼

For example, #Florida law requires that the voter signatures on mail ballots match the signature of the voter. But Dem lawyers are asking a judge to throw that law out & force Florida to count ballots with signatures that don’t match the voter signature on file. 2/4

#Florida law requires a manual recount of “undervotes” in close races & provides a clear standard for determining whether a voter intended to vote for a candidate. Now Dem lawyers want a judge to order Florida to ignore this intent standard when reviewing “undervotes” 3/4

In short, Dem lawyers came to Florida to get judges to change Florida elections laws, AFTER the election. That isn’t a strategy to win an election, that is a strategy to steal an election. 4/4

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.