Democrats want to impeach Donald Trump.

Every scheme they’ve tried so far has failed.

So one top Democrat announced this crazy scheme to impeach Trump over the caravan.

Democrat Billionaire Builds Presidential Campaign On Impeachment

California billionaire Tom Steyer is trying to build name recognition for a 2020 Presidential campaign on the back of impeaching Trump.

Steyer poured tens of millions of his personal fortune into a campaign to get voters to sign petitions demanding Democrats impeach Trump.

The real purpose of this effort was to build a list of supporters for a 2020 Presidential campaign.

But every avenue Steyer and Democrats explored for impeachment failed.

Donald Trump did not collude with Russia to rig the 2016 election.

He did not obstruct justice when he fired then FBI Director James Comey.

So Steyer and the Democrats had to resort to even more outrageous grounds for impeachment.

2020 Challenger Wants To Impeach Trump Over Anti-Caravan TV Ad

Steyer went on CNN and claimed Donald Trump needed to be impeached.

He rattled off a list of offenses that host Jake Tapper dismissed.

Steyer began, “If you look at, we did get 58 constitutional scholars to opine on this and I’m not a lawyer. The most obvious ones are corruption, which is the emoluments clause. The Constitution says the president can’t receive a payment from a foreign country, which he does every single day through his real estate operations. Obstruction of justice, where we’ve seen him continually attempt to obstruct the investigation…”

Steyer then launched into the craziest theory yet about impeachment.

He claimed Democrats should impeach Trump over his anti-caravan television ad.

Yes, they will. There’s going to be new information or the information is going to be certified by Robert Mueller and his team. There is the attacks on the free press. This is a president who is breaking all of the norms, all of the laws on a daily basis. When you watch what he’s done at the end of this campaign, when you see the ad he ran, when you see him saying to law enforcement officials ‘you should go to the polls to prevent completely fictitious voter fraud’ but actually to intimidate voters, this is someone who’s breaking his oath to the American people, his oath to the Constitution and those are high crimes and misdemeanors and it is urgent to get him out,” Steyer ranted.

Steyer claiming Democrats could impeach Trump over a TV commercial is a whole new stage of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Democrats believe securing the border and stopping the caravan from invading America is not only racist, but a “high crime and misdemeanor.”

This is a fundamentally anti-American position.

And you can be sure the Democrat’s insane base will demand the party move to embrace even crazier policies in 2020.

If this is the platform Democrat run on in 2020, Trump will cruise to re-election

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.