Every year, Time magazine singles out one American as their “Person of the Year.”

Generally, the President accepts this honor—both Barack and Michelle Obama received the title several times.

But in a twist, the magazine just broke tradition and named a particular group of people “Person of the Year” instead — and took some cheap shots at the President while they were at it.

Time magazine just named “The Silence Breakers” their person of the year.

The Silence Breakers” are the voices behind the sexual harassment awareness campaign, #metoo, that was originally intended to raise awareness for victims of abuse.

But now, the magazine has manipulated their cause into yet another smear campaign against President Trump.

In the cover story, Time magazine mentioned Donald Trump more than a dozen times.

Breitbart News reported:

The #MeToo movement made waves in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex misconduct scandal as women spoke out in protest against sexual harassment in Hollywood, the media, and beyond.

The TIME cover story honoring the social media-driven moniker name-drops President Trump nine times and references him on several other occasions despite the fact that the allegations of harassment or misconduct against him were made public in 2016, not this year.

In one instance, the TIME cover story mentions the 2005 Access Hollywood recording that surfaced in October 2016 in which then-TV personality Donald Trump is heard engaging in a lewd conversation about women.

TIME notes of Trump, who made this year’s shortlist for Person of the Year after being selected in 2016:

That Donald Trump could express himself that way and still be elected President is part of what stoked the rage that fueled the Women’s March the day after his Inauguration. It’s why women seized on that crude word as the emblem of the protest that dwarfed Trump’s Inauguration crowd size.

“All social movements have highly visible precipitating factors,” says Aldon Morris, a professor of sociology at Northwestern University. “In this case, you had Harvey Weinstein, and before that you had Trump.”

Ultimately, Time magazine broke tradition by not honoring a single person of the year but instead used one of the most anticipated stories of the year to slander President Trump.

Once more, liberal media is sacrificing their reputation to spread their political fallacies.

Do you believe Time magazine sacrifices tradition to take a cheap shot at the President?

Who do you believe should have been named “Person of the Year?”

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