Robert Mueller is zeroing in on former Trump advisor Roger Stone.

Mueller subpoenaed the social media manager for Stone’s Super PAC because Mueller believes he can nail Stone for collusion.

But Mueller may have made a grave mistake that will ruin his investigation for good.

Mueller’s team subpoenaed Jason Sullivan, a social media consultant for Roger Stone’s Committee to Restore American Greatness super PAC.

Sullivan confirmed receiving the subpoena and strongly denied any allegations of collusion.

Politico reports:

“An attorney for Jason Sullivan, a Republican consultant based in Southern California, confirmed to POLITICO that his client received the subpoenas in recent days for both documents and his testimony before the Mueller-charged grand jury in Washington.

A firm date for Sullivan’s grand jury appearance is still being negotiated, said Knut Johnson, one of the consultant’s personal attorneys. Reuters first reported the news of the subpoenas earlier Wednesday.

Sullivan said in an interview that he worked for Stone’s Committee to Restore America’s Greatness during the final four months of the 2016 White House race, assisting the pro-Trump group with social media strategy namely around Twitter. According to records filed with the Federal Election Commission, Stone’s super PAC reported making two payments of $1,500 payments to Sullivan in July and August 2016.

“All I can say is no collusion,” Sullivan said. He added that he did not know Stone before working on his super PAC.”

Journalists and Democrat investigators have long identified Stone as the prime suspect in the collusion case.

They point to his twitter direct messages with WikiLeaks and the hacker Guccifer, his August 2016 statement that it would soon be Jon Podesta’s “time in the barrel,” and his email to former aide Sam Nunberg that he had dinner with Julian Assange who claimed to have had advanced knowledge of the hacked emails investigators allege were obtained by the Russians.

But Mueller may have overstepped.

That’s because Stone had evidence to prove none of this is true.

Stone provided documents proving he was on a flight from Los Angeles when he said he jokingly told Nunberg he had dinner with Assange in order to get him off the phone.

And Stone’s direct messages to WikiLeaks consisted of WikiLeaks insisting Stone stop falsely claiming to be associated with the group.

Stone has also strongly denied any collusion and pointed out that all the relevant documents were turned over to the House Intelligence Committee before his closed door testimony.

Politico also reports:

“In an email to POLITICO, Stone called Sullivan “a great salesman who worked for me for a couple of months as a social media consultant. As far as I know all of his social media activities work was perfectly legal.” He added that Sullivan had access to his Twitter feed while working for his super PAC.

Robert Buschel, a Stone attorney, declined comment on the subpoenas sent to Sullivan. The lawyer added that Mueller’s office had not contacted Stone for documents or an interview.

Stone said in his email to POLITICO that the materials he’d given to the House were likely “fully available” to Mueller and that he expected his materials would be given to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Public comments by Stone during the 2016 campaign about his contacts with WikiLeaks, which published hacked Democratic emails damaging to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, have also drawn scrutiny on Capitol Hill. He appeared last September for three hours in a closed-door session before the House Intelligence Committee, which he told reporters afterward struck him as a “political exercise…

In his statement to POLITICO, Stone said the Twitter records he’d given investigators offered “no evidence” that he was working with Russians hackers or WikiLeaks. He added that he had “no advance notice” of the Democratic hacking disclosures, “nor did I receive any material from WikiLeaks or the Russians or anyone else including allegedly hacked emails nor did I pass on any such material to Donald Trump or the Trump campaign or anyone else.”

“There is simply no evidence to the contrary,” Stone added.”

Mueller’s pursuit of Stone is his last desperate gasp to try and prove that the collusion story is true.

But instead, Stone could shut it down for good by producing the evidence that proves his innocence.

We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this story.