The Democratic presidential primary field is one of the most vicious political contests of all time.

And things are about to get much worse.

It’s all because one top Trump challenger just got smacked with news he was dreading the most.

The Democratic presidential primary is a virtual free for all at this point.

With dozens of candidates in the field still, the race is anyone’s game.

And with the first states in the primary calendar just around the corner, things are heating up to a fever pitch.

It’s no surprise then to see campaigns are pouring their resources into the critical early primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

A win in either of these states could catapult someone onto the national stage, while a big loss in either state could also lead to the end of several candidate’s campaigns.

And no one is risking more in the early state of New Hampshire than Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

The most radical socialist in the Democratic primary field to date, Sanders thinks he has New Hampshire in the bag, and his strong showing in Iowa against Hillary Clinton in 2016 means his campaign is optimistic about his chances there as well.

But despite Sanders’ odds in the early Democratic primary states, he remains unable to shake attacks that his nomination would destroy Democratic chances to defeat President Donald Trump in the general election in 2020.

Politico reports, “Virtually every poll since 2016 has shown Bernie Sanders would beat Donald Trump. But Sanders’ aides know that some Democrats don’t buy it: Doubters just can’t picture the people of, say, rural Pennsylvania putting a 78-year-old democratic socialist in the White House. It strains their very idea of America itself.”

This is a big problem for Sanders that he simply can’t get over.

Large chunks of the Democratic primary electorate don’t even think he can win, to say nothing of general election voters.

If Sanders is the nominee, Trump will have a field day attacking him on everything from his support for murderous regimes like in Cuba and the former Soviet Union, to his position of support for letting convicted terrorists vote from their prison cells.

It’s a problem that could completely derail Sanders’ campaign unless he addresses it soon.

And other Democrats in the primary field are using it against him as well.

“Sanders’ aides have long believed that persuading voters he can oust Trump is key to winning the primary. It’s been a central part of their strategy since the earliest days of their 2020 campaign, and they’ve crafted a campaign tour, speeches and digital P.R. push aimed at winning the argument. But after months of work, they’re still running up against voters who support Sanders’ bid but just can’t see it happening, no matter what the poll numbers say,” adds Politico.

For Sanders and his campaign, if he can’t turn around the perception that he would fail to defeat Trump in time, it may be too late for him to do anything about it.

We will keep you up to date with any new developments in this ongoing story.