Chuck Schumer is itching to impeach President Trump.

But it may be the biggest mistake of his life.

And it’s all because one Republican Senator just humiliated Schumer with six words he thought he’d never hear.

When Robert Mueller concluded his investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election, it left Democrats demoralized and dejected like never before.

They had put all their hopes in Mueller being the man to take down President Trump, and he failed them.

But right before announcing his retirement, Mueller decided to throw Democrats a bone.

Suggesting that the President was guilty of obstruction of justice, Mueller again breathed life into Democratic desires to impeach Donald Trump.

And ever since his press conference, the cries for impeachment among liberals across the country have only grown.

Within Congress itself, it may be only a matter of time before Nancy Pelosi caves and allows House Democrats to vote to impeach President Trump.

And if that happens, the Senate will take up the case to determine whether or not the President should be removed from office.

But Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer is still on the fence about all of it.

He wants to appease the left-wing faction of his party that wants nothing less than to see Trump impeached and removed from office.

But he also knows that impeaching the President could come with a high political price if voters punish Democrats at the polls in 2020.

But one Republican Senator thinks it’s time for Schumer to stop riding the fence and instead gain some political courage one way or another.

The Daily Caller reports, “Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy challenged Democrats Sunday to either go forward with impeachment or allow Congress to get back to work. Kennedy, who appeared on ‘Face the Nation’ with Margaret Brennan, said that if former special counsel Robert Mueller was asked to testify it wouldn’t change anything.”

“Brennan pointed out the fact that President Donald Trump’s own lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, favored the idea of Mueller testifying, but Kennedy shrugged it off. ‘If he wants to, I wouldn’t object. But clearly he doesn’t want to,’” adds the Daily Caller.

Kennedy slammed Schumer like never before.

And he called out the New York Democrat for the sheer level of hypocrisy he has been dealing with for months now.

“Look, the next step in this, Margaret, my Democratic friends have got to make a decision on impeachment,” Kennedy began. “Now, I think impeachment would be a Sisyphean task. It’ll be tough going in the Senate. Impeachment polls right up there with skim milk among the American people.”

Kennedy then humiliated Schumer on live television.

“My advice to my Democratic friends, if you want to do it, go hard or go home. You know, if you want to do it, go to Amazon online, buy a spine, and do it. If you’re not going to do it, then let us get back to work,” Kennedy said.

Do you think Democrats should get back to work rather than try to impeach the President?

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