With Justice Kennedy soon to exit SCOTUS the necessity to replace him is apparent.

The Democrats believe Trump ought to wait to replace them. They argue that the Republicans protestations for replacing Scalia before Obama left office would necessitate the same kind of kindness to Democrats.

The only problem is Trump has 2.5 years left in his term and Obama was mere months away from finishing his term.

Since Trump needs to make a decision soon, several names are floating to the top.

One of the names on Trump’s short list for possible picks is a Senator conservatives love.

Senator Mike Lee from Utah is a possible pick to replace Kennedy.

Conservatives like Lee because he is a stickler for the constitution, which would bode well as a Republican pick. Lee’s appeal to conservatives is that he leans more right than many of the middle-of-the-road justices who have been selected to preside on the bench.

As The Hill writes:

Lee, a 47-year-old senator in his second term, is known for his hardball conservative tactics. Those tactics, at times, have rankled his colleagues and his libertarian-leanings have made him an outlier in the GOP caucus on issues like foreign policy.

But as the only lawmaker on Trump’s short list he’s got the vocal backing of Senate conservatives, including Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas). Cruz has launched a one-man public relations campaign to vocally tout Lee, one of his closest Senate allies, as Trump mulls his nominee to be Kennedy’s successor.

‘President Trump, however, has lucked out. He has a sure thing, battle-tested, ready, and willing to serve: Sen. Mike Lee,’ Cruz wrote in a Fox News op-ed.

Roughly 20 conservatives—including GOP Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.), who is also close to Lee, and powerful donor Rebekah Mercer—have signed a letter backing Lee because he has a ‘proven record,’ according to the Associated Press.

Funny enough is Lee seems to want the job.

Lee admitted that ever since he was 10 years of age he’s been interested in the Supreme Court. At one time he clerked for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Another reason Lee might be a good choice is because he would likely find support from all Senators in congress. With the GOP holding a slight majority in the Senate (51) seats Lee could receive a nomination if he voted for himself.

All this speculation aside Lee might not be who receives the nomination.

There’s an opinion that Trump will likely be looking at Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett and Raymond Kethledge instead.

Lee’s also doesn’t have an Ivy League education which is something Trump wants in a pick. Lee went to Brigham Young University both for college and law school.

And the #1 thing that might prevent Lee from being picked is the fact that his vote in 2016 wasn’t for Trump…it was for independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin.

“I had signaled in the past concerns that I had with my party’s nominee. I’ve made no secret about that and I don’t feel any desire to rehearse those now,” Lee said at an event in Utah last year. “I saw in Evan McMullin an opportunity to register a protest vote.”

In the wild west of American politics, anything could happen.