Anti-Trump RINOs in the GOP never give up on sabotaging Donald Trump’s Presidency.

And they never pass up an opportunity to stab the President in the back.

But this RINO Senator may have just sealed his own doom with a terrible betrayal of Donald Trump.

The fake news media hunted around for a Republican foolish enough to criticize Donald Trump for his comments about John McCain.

Fake news reporters knew they could keep the story in the news if a Republican Senator played to the applause of liberal reporters by slamming the President.

This would get them another two or three days of stories where they could ask other Republicans about their reaction to their colleague’s attack on Trump, and then pump out even more negative stories once President Trump responded.

Georgia RINO Senator Johnny Isakson ended up volunteering to play the role of sucker for the fake news media.

Isakson denounced President Trump in an interview with the fake conservative, anti-Trump website, The Bulwark.

“I want to do what I said that day on the floor of the senate,” Isakson whined. “I just want to lay it on the line, that the country deserves better, the McCain family deserves better, I don’t care if he’s president of United States, owns all the real estate in New York, or is building the greatest immigration system in the world. Nothing is more important than the integrity of the country and those who fought and risked their lives for all of us.”

Isakson even invoked the pearl-clutching “think of the children” defense.

“America deserves better, the people deserve better, and nobody—regardless of their position—is above common decency and respect for people that risk their life for your life. When the president is saying that that he doesn’t respect John McCain and he’s never going to respect John McCain and all these kids are out there listening to the president of the United States talk that way about the most decorated senator in history who is dead it just sets the worst tone possible,” Isakson droned on.

But Isakson did not stop there.

In an interview with Georgia Public Broadcasting, Isakson fumed that Trump’s comments were “deplorable.”

“I want to be crystal clear: We can talk about the politics of the military any way we want to, but we don’t talk about veterans any way but to brag on them for the service they render and the job that they do,” Isakson raged.

“It’s deplorable what he said… It will be deplorable seven months from now if he continues to say it, and I will continue to speak out.”

Calling Trump deplorable is considered to be an unforgiveable insult among Trump supporters.

Hillary Clinton infamously said Trump supporters belonged in a “basket of deplorables” during the 2016 election.

Isakson mimicking her words sends a clear signal that the Georgia Senator holds the same contempt in his heart for conservatives that Hillary Clinton did.

Isakson is not up for re-election until 2022.

But political experts believe it’s a sure bet that Trump supporters and the President will remember Isakson’s insults when they go to cast their votes in 2022.