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President Obama’s recent trip to Cuba concluded what was essentially a total ban on visitations to Cuba by American Presidents.

It’s not a surprise Obama would be the first President in memory to visit as Obama is known to be sympathetic to countries with less than stellar records on human rights and very, very left leaning policies. That’s why his his trip to Cuba to help de-escalate tensions between the two countries might be a pretty little moment for the press, but it means much, much more.

Obama was the first President to visit Cuba in 88 years. And boy did he do a bad job of representing us there.

His tour of the country was essentially setup by the Cuban ruling class as an attempt to help quell some of the more vocal protestors of the regime. They’re still communist and plan on remaining so for some time and Obama was there more for the press than anything.

The Cuban administration’s principle aim was to have Obama there as an attempt to show they are willing to change from the their communist ways while refusing to relinquish control in the process.

As The Washington Times writes:

An affirmation of his larger foreign policy vision, Obama hopes that reaching out to Cuba will encourage a generational evolution in one of the United States’ most bitter and long-standing adversaries. Just hours before his arrival, there were familiar signs that change will not come easily.

Though the trip might be seen as something of a success, Obama didn’t manage to escape the country without making a fool of himself.

Well, it was’t entirely his fault.

During a joint appearance with Cuban President Raul Castro Obama was made to look like a limp-wristed nancy when Castro picked up Obama’s arm in an effort to show solidarity between himself and our commander in Chief.

The resulting image seems to be a fitting characterization of Obama and his relationships with other countries.

Obama’s inability to command a room or to represent the United States has been on full display ever since he took office back in 2008.

Whether it’s apologizing effusively for The United States or it’s being shown up by Putin, DeGaul or others Obama has never been the kind of leader Americans wanted or deserved.

This image only helps solidify what we’ve known all along.

Obama is not a man of substance, has no backbone, and has honestly left the United States of America worse off than we were when he took office.

Do you agree that this picture perfectly captures almost everything wrong with Obama?