Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against Donald Trump has one goal.

Frame the President for the crime of collusion with Russia so Congress can impeach him.

But this lie just destroyed Robert Mueller’s case to impeach the President.

Robert Mueller Sets His Sights on a Trump Associate

Robert Mueller is out to get longtime Trump associate Roger Stone.

Stone made several statements during the 2016 campaign that indicated he communicated with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Mueller latched onto these statements to dig into Stone’s life and terrorized 10 of his associates with grand jury appearances.

Mueller has failed to produce evidence that any Trump associate colluded with the Russians.

Roger Stone is his last shot to justify his witch hunt.

So Mueller turned his attack dog investigators on him.

What the Evidence Actually Shows

Mueller is focusing on statements made by Stone in August of 2016.

Stone claimed that Julian Assange told him WikiLeaks would be releasing damaging information about the Clinton Foundation in October 2016.

That month he also wrote a tweet claiming it would soon be “the Podestas time in the barrel.”

Mueller and anti-Trump journalists took these statements to mean Stone had advanced knowledge of WikiLeaks obtaining hacked emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

Collusion conspiracy theorists hang their hat on these statements.

But what is the truth?

The truth is Julian Assange has publicly stated that Roger Stone never said or predicted anything that WikiLeaks hadn’t already said publicly.

“Roger Stone has never said or tweeted anything we at Wikileaks had not already said publicly,” Assange declared.

WikiLeaks and Roger Stone also exchanged twitter direct messages in 2016.

In those messages, WikiLeaks insisted that Stone stop falsely claiming to have a relationship with the group.

Stone associate Sam Nunberg also told the press that Stone had never spoken to Julian Assange.

“Roger didn’t communicate with Assange. If he had communicated with Assange, then I would be concerned that he would go to jail, but he didn’t,” Nunberg declared.

Stone also stated that his comment about the “Podestas time in the barrel” was referring to the Podesta brothers, since his tweet used “Podestas” as plural.

He claimed his tweet referenced the fact that the Podesta brothers business practices would soon come under scrutiny.

And Stone was on to something.

Mueller referred Podesta for a criminal referral for his work as a foreign lobbyist.

More FISA Abuses

Stone published an op-ed in the Daily Caller where he claimed an FBI whistleblower informed him he had been under FISA surveillance since 2016:

“A whistleblower has told my lawyers where my name and the fact that application had been made for a FISA warrant on me was redacted from the stunning Carter Page FISA warrant application released by the FBI last week with 300 of 400 pages blacked out.

A FISA warrant can only be issued against a U.S. Citizen who is engaged in espionage for a foreign power against the United States. I have never engaged in any such thing.”

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appeared on Erin Burnett’s CNN program and did not shoot down that claim.

Burnett tweeted:

Roger Stone tells me whistleblower told his attys that Page FISA confirms there was a FISA app. on Stone. Frmr NSA Clapper responds: l do not have any direct knowledge (of it)…BUT it seems logical that the FBI would consider seeking authorization for FISA surveillance of Stone”

If Stone really was under FISA surveillance, this shows that the FBI abused its power and was out to get Trump.

Stone was not a Russian agent.

And he never colluded with WikiLeaks.

But Mueller needs to frame Stone for collusion so he can try and squeeze him to turn on the President.

This is Mueller’s last chance to come up with dirt on the President.

But it’s turning into another dead end.

We will keep you up to date on any developments in this story.