Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 9.36.10 AMIf a Democrat is behind the manufacture of a gun bill designed to “keep guns out of the hands of criminals,” then you can certainly guess the bill isn’t as innocent as it seems.

A new bill introduced by Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) called the “Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act” is yet another hurdle people are expected to clear in order to transfer a gun from one person to the other.

The design of the bill is to ensure anyone who’s selling a weapon to another must undertake all the “right” steps to reasonably ensure the person they’re selling their gun to is not a criminal, or unfit to own a gun (based on government evaluations). If they are proven to be a ineligible to own a gun  after the sale of the gun, the seller can be prosecuted with a felony.

The rub with this new bill is there is no standard which sellers must adhere to so they can prevent the “unlawful” sale of their weapon to another.

Essentially it’s a trap.

Worse yet is this bill doesn’t just extend to private sellers. Even authorized retailers could be charged with a felony if gaps in a federal background check doesn’t identify a criminal.

As the NRA writes:

Similarly, the bill does not explicitly make background checks mandatory for all private sales, but conversely, even obtaining a background check before such a transfer might not be enough, at least in some cases.  Gaps in the background check system itself could be the bases for criminal liability under the bill, should the transferor rely on a faulty “proceed,” rather than on some unknown cue an antigun official later determined should have been discernible.

We’ve already seen the federal background check system fail repeatedly.

The thrust of this law is anyone who shouldn’t have a gun should be barred from purchasing one through private sale.

A sinister caveat to the law is this doesn’t just extend to people with criminal records.

New moves by the government to classify people with mental illness as being unfit to own guns could also see them cast in the dragnet of people who shouldn’t be sold to. In theory the new law could punish private sellers with a felony if they’re selling to an individual who’s been committed for a non-violent mental disorder like Schizophrenia or even PTSD.

The NRA reported:

Ultimately, the bill seems designed to do nothing so much as to scare people from transferring firearms to anybody with whom they are not very closely associated.  Hidden facts about long-term neighbors – a long ago commitment for an eating disorder, for example – could spell the difference between an innocent act and a federal felony.  Importantly, the penalty would attach, whether or not the recipient of the firearm ever did anything harmful or illegal with it.

Obviously the end game of the law isn’t to reduce gun violence, it’s meant to intimidate people so they don’t engage in the private sale of weapons to anyone they don’t know. Which is a fundamental violation to the liberties we enjoy as a free society to exercise our second amendment rights.