Democrats are fighting to defend their nominees.

There are only a few who have a chance of winning.

And now it’s been revealed that one of those candidates is hiding something big.

A Buried Truth.

Stacey Abrams is the Democratic nominee in Georgia.

And she refuses to reveal who donated hundreds of thousands to set up her career.

Abrams is a former Minority Leader in the State House of Representatives.

While doing that, she built a fortune – but remains silent on how she did it.

Two nonprofits donated money to her campaign.

The companies have millions to back them.

One company, Voter Access Institute, worked to find citizens who had not voted before and get them to the polls.

The second company, Third Sector Development, worked on a campaign for black voters.

The two foundations paid Abrams about a quarter million dollars in funding over the span of three years.

The heads of the companies helped Abrams network too.

Because of this, Abrams remains silent about her campaign finances.

Silence is Not Golden.

Abrams is facing backlash from the media for hiding their true identities.

And the campaign has yet to explain the reasoning behind hiding the true identities.

Abram’s campaign team said:

I’m proud of New Georgia Project’s efforts to register, advocate for, and mobilize hundreds of thousands of Georgians and successfully combat voter suppression being perpetrated by Secretary of State Brian Kemp,”

The team is focusing on blasting her competition — Brian Kemp.

Ironically, the non-profits were a failure.

They did not reach their goals, despite the millions of dollars involved.

The Georgia Democratic Party only received three percent more votes in the next election.

Ironically, black voter turnout declined by two percentage points.

And shocking enough, Abrams is over $200,000 in personal debt.

The case is stranger with that information.

Some are beginning to question if she is hiding an even bigger scandal because of this.

Campaign finance reforms have been changing because of scandals like this.

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Is Abrams Breaking the Law? 

Federal law does not force Abrams to publicly name donors from tax-exempt non-profits.

But most do anyway.

And with issues like this going on in Washington, it may be time to make it officially illegal not to do so.

Read more about it on American Patriot Daily.

Abrams is facing criticism for not doing so.

She is under fire for having such a large personal debt.

Part of that debt has been accumulated because of the campaign.

But other portions are only personal credit card debt and student loan debt.

Personal debt is not unusual for a politician.

But Abrams is hiding where she got her money from–and people are suspicious.

Do you believe Abrams is fit for this role?

Do you think she should be able to run her campaign without revealing her donors?

And should not disclosing donors be made illegal?

Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.